Ahoy, trigger-happy tacticians of the gaming realm! The masterminds at Starbreeze Studios have been gushing some juicy tidbits about their upcoming co-op crime spree, Payday 3. Yes, the anticipated heist-themed extravaganza is all set to lock, load, and loot on September 21. We’ve gotten our mitts on some insider info from their recent stream of development diaries, and boy, it’s as sparkling as a freshly swiped diamond.

Every fan of a good heist story knows that a shiny weapon is a crook’s best friend. In Payday 3, it’s more than just a friend – it’s practically your life partner. Why, you ask? Well, each weapon comes with its very own progression path. Players get to dress up their deadly pals in various scopes, magazines, and stocks. But remember, you’ve got to earn these fashion upgrades by gaining experience with each weapon. So, make sure to nurture that weapon-user bond!

And for those moments when you’re in the mood for some ‘overkill’ – meet the aptly named Overkill weapons. These bad boys boast base power that’d make any conventional weapon green with envy. But here’s the catch: the game’s creators have hinted at an uncontrollable smidge of ‘randomness’ in the weapon recoil. So, as they say, you can learn, master, and find the weapon that matches your personality and playstyle. This isn’t Payday 2, where hitting specific stats was the goal. Here, it’s all about what tickles your trigger finger.

And it’s not all guns, glory, and recoil. They’ve also lined up a neat set of gadgets to make even James Bond raise his martini glass. There’s the ECM Jammer to block cameras – perfect for when you’re in the mood for some good ol’ espionage. And then there’s the mini-camera, ready to serve your surveillance needs at any moment.

Now, we couldn’t resist sneaking in a quick test of Payday 3 ourselves, and we’re happy to report it’s a co-op hoot. It has stellar aesthetic customization, a robust arsenal, intelligent AI, versatile missions, and a toe-tapping soundtrack. It’s a delightful marriage of gun-slinging and stealth, and we’re eagerly waiting to dive deeper. From our initial playthrough, it’s safe to say that Payday 3 looks set to be a smash hit among players and one of the most exciting co-op experiences to share with your fellow gaming comrades. Buckle up, heisters; the loot awaits!


Source: Gaming Bolt
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