Greg Miller and Jeff Grubb say they’ve heard rumours of a big Sony purchase, though they can’t confirm, and it’s unknown when it will be announced.

This week there was speculation of three important announcements by PlayStation; a rumour originated by Greg Miller, co-founder of Kinda Funny, who even decided to delay the recording of his podcast to cover all the information that could appear these days. Finally, Sony announced its renewed PlayStation Plus, the subscription service that will offer a collection of games and other benefits, something “expected” by a media leak. A few hours ago, Miller tried to explain the information about him by revealing the rumours that he had heard.


Indeed one of the three pieces of news that I had heard for the week was the official presentation of PlayStation Plus. The second rumour pointed to an event or PlayStation Showcase dedicated to PS VR 2, the virtual reality headset shown in February, which could show some of the first compatible games. The third rumour would be the purchase of a studio, something that we cannot rule out because so far this year, Sony has announced the purchase of Bungie and Haven after 2021 with multiple acquisitions.

In the conversation, in which insider Jeff Grubb is also present, there is talk of a “big” studio – the question is also asked at the beginning of the conversation, but at that time, the size is not mentioned – and Grubb also He says he has heard that it could be announced soon – although not necessarily these days. Miller explains that he has heard the information from two sources, one of them a group of people. Finally, Grubb details that it is difficult to confirm these rumours because Sony has made it clear to its partners or employees that there will be consequences if you are the source of information.


No more clues or candidate studio names

“The rumour could be true next week, next month, I don’t know,” Miller apologizes. Nor can we draw more conclusions because neither of the two journalists gives information that could point to a developer or publisher, Japanese or Western. For his part, Grubb in the Grubbsnax podcast reiterates that he knows typically about these acquisitions from sources that speak of “X contacts Y” but that is something that is not news and could compromise his sources; The bottom line is that we should expect more purchases from Sony because the industry is moving in this direction, but it still can’t be confirmed that the rumour is true. However, both insiders have received the word through different channels, so that should give more weight to the rumour.


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