The Chinese company Goertek will begin collaborating with a large Japanese company that expects to distribute between one and two million units of a next-generation ‘headset’ in 2022.

Sony will soon begin production of the successor to PlayStation VR to launch the virtual reality headset in 2022, according to information shared by specialist in this technology Brad Lynch and released by GameRant. The rumour is that a virtual reality-focused Chinese manufacturer previously collaborated with Sony hopes to collaborate with a Japanese brand that will distribute more than a million headsets by 2022.

A Lynch source familiar with the Chinese supply chain assures that the Goertek company has signed a contract with Sony to manufacture PlayStation VR 2 (the device does not yet have an official name). Goertek has previously collaborated with Sony to manufacture PlayStation VR and PlayStation 5.

The Chinese company makes the Oculus Quest 2, now renamed Meta Quest 2 . In his presentation of financial results, he highlighted the record in the price of his shares thanks to the collaboration with Meta and from the firm they expect to have similar results this year thanks to an agreement with a “large Japanese” partner that intends to distribute between one and two million units of that next-generation headset in 2022.

The official information of PSVR 2

Sony announced the successor to the PlayStation VR in February 2021, although they have not shown helmet images. The Japanese company promises to improve the resolution, field of view and in-game representation of player actions. At the time, they said it would not be released in 2021, although the first development kits would be shipped to studios soon.

In March, a month later, we saw the controllers, which will replace the PS Move used in the current PlayStation VR. These are two controls focused on ergonomics that have the functions of the PS5 controller, the DualSense: haptic response and adaptive triggers. In addition, they will add touch detection to register the movement of the fingers without the need to press any button.


Source: gamerant
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