In a meeting to discuss the company’s strategy, Sony says the PlayStation 5 will be “approximately 100 times faster” than its current console.

Sony ensures that PlayStation 5 will be “approximately 100 times faster” than PlayStation 4. In a document belonging to a meeting on the Japanese manufacturer’s corporate plans, you can see different slides and comments made about them at the meeting, where they talked about the “evolution of ‘speed’ in the next-generation console”.

In one of the images you can read that the company expects that, thanks to SSD storage, PS5 will have a “processing speed approximately 100 times faster” than the current desktop console of the brand. “To further enhance the feeling of immersion in games, we hope to improve not only the resolution but the speed of games.”

“For example, through a high-speed SSD with a custom design, we plan to achieve game data processing speeds that are approximately 100 times faster than PS4,” they say in one of the comments. “Game loading times should be much shorter, and players should be able to move through huge game worlds almost instantly.”

Sony is focusing communication on PS5 on the SSD

Sony’s communication on PlayStation 5 has focused primarily on this custom-designed SSD . The company released the technical specifications for its console in mid-March. The speed of its internal storage is higher than that of Xbox Series X , the Microsoft console that also uses SSD, but the power of its processor and graphics card is less .

In the middle of last week we saw a technical demo of Unreal Engine 5 , the new graphics engine from Epic Games, working on a PS5 development kit, although it was later pointed out that the UE5 is also compatible with Xbox Series X, PC and consoles of the current generation, as well as mobile devices.

PlayStation 5 will hit stores in late 2020. Sony has assured that it will show the first games on its console soon. Unofficial information points to two presentations: one in June focused on PS5, and another in August, where titles for the machine would be seen.


Source: VG247
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