An exciting piece of news for fans of the classic id Software game, Quake II, as a remastered version is rumoured to be on the horizon. The French media outlet, Dealabs Magazine, suggests the official announcement will drop on August 10th, during the much-anticipated QuakeCon 2023.

Earlier, we reported about the appearance of Quake II Remastered on the South Korean age rating system, which ignited speculations of an impending announcement at QuakeCon 2023. This is reminiscent of the 2021 QuakeCon when a similar rating advance led to the unveiling of Quake Remastered.

According to Dealabs Magazine, Quake II Remastered is not just likely to be announced on August 10th but could also hit the shelves that same night, following the pattern set by Quake Remastered in 2021. QuakeCon has a tradition of surprising fans with the immediate release of remastered id Software classics such as the original DOOM and Quake.

Interestingly, this reimagined version is reported to forgo the “Remastered” tag and will be called “Quake II,” in homage to the original 1997 PC game, which later became PlayStation and Nintendo 64 in 1999.

In terms of enhancements, while specific details are yet to be disclosed, fans can anticipate high-resolution graphics that make the most of current-gen hardware. The game is set to arrive on a broad range of platforms, including PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

As with other current Bethesda games, Quake II will likely be available on Xbox Game Pass from launch. This means subscribers to this service will potentially have the chance to dive back into the remastered version as early as the weekend of August 10th.

QuakeCon 2023 will mark the return of the in-person format after three years of digital events. With the potential return of Quake II adding to the anticipation, fans will be eagerly waiting to see what other surprises the event might hold.

As we await the official announcement, it’s a perfect time to reminisce about Quake II. Will you be excited to revisit this gaming classic? We’d love to hear your thoughts and memories in the comments below.

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