Rage 2 will pay more attention to the side stories in its open world, for example, the interaction with other characters, other than just a linear storyline.

Magnus Nedfors, director of the title, collaboration between Avalanche Studios and id Software, explains that he will not talk about how deep history is and why you should play Rage 2. It ‘s an action game, but we are trying to tell small stories, implementing interactions with the characters that you will get to know and through Rage’s universe, it’s something we wanted to deepen more “.

“There are many games that tell good stories that are open world, but the usual mistake is to tell a linear story and fail to give freedom to the player.  I think the whole industry needs to find that magical moment in which someone arrives with an evolution of the narrative in the open world “.

Rage 2 will not present a great story, but it will put players in a fun open world in which “you’ll have fun with your weapons and skills.

The game is launching on May 14 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.  For more information about the game, you can read our full review on Hyped4.

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