Capcom has released update 1.05 for the Xbox One version of the title, which fixes bugs that were preventing the intergenerational console from reaching 60 fps stable.

Capcom has solved the error performance of Resident Evil 3 Remake on Xbox One X with update 1.05 released on the console of Microsoft this April 10. The intergenerational machine runs survival horror at 4K resolution with a target flow of 60 frames per second, but until the new patch, there were framerate drops in both cinematics and gameplay.

“I just received an update on Xbox One X. It appears that the framerate has been fixed and is closer to 60 [fps] blocked,” says user Outlaw Torn on the ResetEra forum. In another forum, GameFaqs, da_StoOge says the new patch allows the game to work “close to the perfect 60FPS on One X”: “I’ve only noticed some slowdown in the cinematics, but the gameplay is very smooth

Performance problems Resident Evil 3 Remake on Xbox One X was detected when Capcom released a short demo of the game in March. The bugs were upheld when the final version was released on April 3. In our analysis, we explained these problems: “We cannot stop praising what Capcom is doing with the RE Engine. It is simply spectacular. We can complain that the performance is not the best on Xbox One X, where it struggles to maintain 60 images per second […] “.

As it could not be otherwise, it did not take long for a technical analysis to analyze its performance with the new patch, and as we can see now it moves at 60fps all the time :

The future of Resident Evil

Just a week after the premiere of the adventure of Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliviera, numerous details have leaked from the next installment of the saga, supposedly called Village: Resident Evil. The information, unconfirmed, comes from several people who were able to play a demo of a title that returns to the first person and mixes concepts from Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 3.5. The story would take us to a snowy European town, would have Ethan again as the protagonist, and there would be more supernatural elements.

Source: Wccftech

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