Housemarque has released the Returnal 2.0 patch on PS5 with the ‘Suspend Cycle’ feature, which allows you to pause the game and turn off the console without losing progress, and a new photo mode.

When Returnal went on sale last April exclusively for PS5, players complained that the absence of control points made it impossible for them to stop the game without losing progress, something familiar in a roguelike, but this case in In particular, due to the long-duration runs, it particularly bothered the community. Housemarque promised in May to respond to this complaint, although they claimed that they still did not know how to do it because the game was not designed for it. Now, five months after those statements, a solution has finally been released.

Update 2.0 of Returnal includes a new feature called ‘Suspend cycle,’ which allows you to stop the game at any time without losing progress. “It will allow you to pause the cycle to continue it later so that you can exit the game and turn off the console without losing the progress of the session,” says Harry Krueger, director of Returnal, in an article published in PlayStation Blog

This function will be accessible from Returnal’s pause menu, and when we use it, it will create a one-time suspension point that will be eliminated when the game is resumed. With this decision, it is intended that players cannot use the new functionality to repeat segments when they kill us and thus advance more quickly in this roguelike: “The structure of the game remains unchanged; it is not the classic option to ‘save game’ in the middle of the session, “explains Krueger, who also warns that this function will not always be available, being deactivated during battles against a boss, cinematic or first-person sequences, or during combat situations.

Returnal also welcomes a new photo mode

In addition to the ‘Suspend cycle’ function, the new Returnal update includes a photo mode that allows us to stop the action at any time (except in the first person sections) to take captures by modifying aspects of the camera and the lighting of the scene as well as the ability to apply filters or edit the focal length, aperture, saturation or contrast. At the end of this news, you can see a gallery with photos taken by Housemarque using this new Returnal tool .

Returnal is available exclusively on PS5, a console on which Returnal had sold 560,000 copies as of July this year. Of all those players, only two out of ten have managed to beat the final boss. Suppose you are one of those who have not yet seen Selene’s adventure in Átropos, the changing planet. In that case, Returnal is “an intense and frantic game capable of combining a multitude with great success. of elements and ideas to create something new, fresh and fun. ”


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