Keiichiro Toyama is preparing a horror adventure in his new studio Bokeh Game Studio and confirms collaboration with a creator that he has not revealed.

Keiichiro Toyama, director of Silent HillSiren and Gravity Rush, formed the Bokeh Game Studio last December as part of the changes and downsizing of Japan Studio – which in principle will continue to focus on the Astro saga -. We know little about the action-horror adventure of Toyama, a multiplatform project that aspires to launch in 2023, and it seems that there are some unannounced surprises. Speaking to Al Hub, he is asked for details that have not been revealed so far, and Toyama explains that they are still beginning so “there is not much we can tell right now, but we are looking to create an experience that can be enjoyed by a wide number of people. For example, we want our game to take place in Asian cities. “

The main novelty mentioned by Toyama in the interview is that they are working in collaboration “with a famous creator from Japan, and that is something that we had not said before”, but it does not give any clue. Many gamers have wondered if it could be the horror manga author Junji Ito, who was in talks with Hideo Kojima for the cancelled Silent Hills, or if this creator he refers to is Kojima himself, who is also interested in releasing one. adventure of this type – it seems that he had an episodic game for Google Stadia that has been cancelled.

The rumoured return of Silent Hill

Apart from this interview, VGC recalls that its sources report a well-known Japanese developer working on the return of Silent Hill. There are also clues to the work of Akira Yamaoka – a regular composer of the Konami saga – on a project “you’ve been waiting to hear about.” Many rumours have associated Silent Hill with Japan Studio, but after the reorganization of the studio, it seems clear that the restart of the saga would be in charge of another team. It would not be the only attempt to resurrect Silent Hill and in fact, Konami would also be looking for studies for Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania.


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