A verified source at Restera claims that the creatives of the first installments are working on a new title for Sony’s Japan Studio.

Rumours of a new Silent Hill, or a reboot by the original team, get stronger with more details from verified sources. Last month, information appeared about Sony’s collaboration with Konami to revive this prestigious horror saga that was very popular in the 32-bit and 128-bit generations. After Silent Hill 4: The Room, the series changed hands between various western studios that, with more or less success, tried to repeat the success. In theory, Japan Studio would handle a classic-style game and Kojima Productions would work on a horror game that could also end up using the license – although this would not be assured at the moment.

Recently mangaka Suehiro Maruo, recognized for his horror works, has published images on Instagram related to Konami and Silent Hill, and that has served to ensure that several sources reiterate the authenticity of the rumours. ” The only thing I can 100% confirm is the restart of Silent Hill with Toyama, Ito and Yamaoka. It will be announced in a few months, ” says KatharsisT, a user who has been verified on Restera – that is, who has shown evidence to the moderation-. Keiichiro Toyama of Japan Studio was the director of the first Silent Hill, in addition to Gravity Rush; Masahiro Ito was the artist of the trilogy and creator of monsters like Pyramid Head – he confirmed that he is working on a new video game -; Akira Yamaoka is the regular composer of the series and who provides the anguished ambient sound of the games.

Regarding the agreement, it would be ” an exclusive PlayStation 5 since it is developed in-house by Japan Studio -Sony study-. It could come to PC a few years later, but I doubt it very much”, referring to the fact that Sony will launch Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC. “They are doing it – internally – because they will get the majority of the financial income, they will sell consoles, and they will keep the exclusive one.” About Silent Hills – the project that Kojima Productions would do – KatharsisT comments that she has heard negotiations at some point, but not much more.

Dusk Golem also reaffirms its information

Dusk Golem, who is best known for his Resident Evil leaks, reiterates himself in past comments. “I will say what I have been saying, and I still believe that what I have said is true (Japan Studio plays an SH game with Toyama, Akira and Masahiro Ito together with others). “ He also clarifies that “I have never shared or denied Sony’s rumours buying Konami licenses because it is false.” Regarding Kojima’s game, “it was in talks and from what I have heard, it is still being negotiated, but it has not worked due to another potential agreement.”

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