SEGA and Sonic Team have published an extensive video of the gameplay of Sonic Frontiers, the ambitious open world of the blue hedgehog that will be released in late 2022.

When Sega showed the first preview of the Sonic Frontiers gameplay yesterday, gamers also anticipated that we would see more footage of this ambitious SEGA and Sonic Team project this month. We did not have to wait long, since today IGN has published an extended version of the brief gameplay that we could see yesterday: in this new seven-minute video, several segments of the next blue hedgehog game have been shown, which will bet on exploration, combat and speed in an open world.

In this new gameplay, we can see some of the mechanics Sonic Frontiers will have when it comes out on Christmas this year. We will have the basic movements of the character, such as running at high speed and turning into a blue ball to roll around the stage. Still, there will also be new ways to explore the map, such as climbing, and other types of actions more focused on action, such as hitting the ground in the middle of a jump. You can watch the Sonic Frontiers gameplay video below:

Other details of the new Sonic Frontiers gameplay trailer

As you can see in the seven minutes of gameplay that have been published today, Sonic Frontiers will adopt the well-known structure of current open-world games: we will see large towers that we can climb, puzzles integrated into the stage and markers that will indicate missions that we will have to do. Of course, it will be an adaptation that will not leave aside the keys to the saga: in the video, and we can see rails along which we can slide, wheels to turn while running, bumpers to bounce against … And all this is accompanied by the iconic jingle that sounds when collecting rings, which will be present throughout the map.

Sonic Frontier s will be released in late 2022 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch.

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