Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the launch of four new and colourful DualShock 4 models. These models will arrive in September and will be added to the more than 25 that have been added to those distributed over the years since PlayStation 4 was put up for sale 6 years ago.

These will be the new models available

  • Electric Purple: This striking DualShock comes in two violet tones and with the PlayStation symbols in white to give you more contrast.
  • Red Camouflage: With the iconic camouflage design over black, red and brown, this remote includes silver accents to add shine.
  • Titanium Blue: With a metallic blue finish on the top that is complemented with a matt blue back.
  • Rose Gold: Gold finish and a subtle pink hue, it offers an elegant and sophisticated option within the Metallic DualShock line.

Together with the Rose Gold wireless control model, Sony has confirmed that in November Rose Gold Edition headset will go on sale, headphones that offer the same features as the Gold Wireless Headset, but with a golden finish with pink shades. According to Sony, the DualShock 4 can be purchased from September at the usual points of sale, while the Rose Gold edition will be available from November.


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