The new PS Plus only allows you to play PS3 titles through the game in the cloud, although the journalist and ‘insider’ Jeff Grubb affirms that Sony would be working on emulating the console.

One of Sony PlayStation’s biggest revelations this week has been the new PlayStation Plus ( PS Deluxe in Latin America), an extension of the subscription service thanks to the unification with PS Now and its three new payment methods. The most expensive and complete modality of all, PS Plus Premium, will allow you to download and play online titles from the company’s old consoles such as PSX, PS2, PSP, and PS3. However, in the latter case, the games can only be played on streaming. However, well-known insider Jeff Grubb has revealed that Sony may be working on bringing PS3 emulation to PS5 (via VGC ).

“Since we’ve been talking about this all week, I’ve looked, I’ve asked… and it looks like Sony could be working on PS3 emulation on PS5, though it may take some time,” Grubb said in a new direct on his YouTube channel. YouTube Jeff Grubb’s Game Month. “I’d like them to come out and tell us. Tell us that they care about these things because that’s what was missing from the PS Plus announcement… it seemed to me that they didn’t care about any of that. They just have assembled; they have given it a new name and have sold it,” he added to his previous statements.

Why would Sony be having problems with PS3 emulation?

It is well known by all that, even though it was a spectacular console thanks to a vast catalogue of exclusives and impeccable quality, programming titles for PS3 were anything but simple. It is speculated that, due to the very particular architecture of the veteran desktop console and its Cell processor, the system on PS5 by software -like, for example, Xbox Series X/S emulates Xbox 360- is being a task challenging and time-consuming for Sony. However, not everyone agrees with this position, as MVG, a developer at Night Dive Studio, made clear through a Twitter post.

“PS3 emulation is possible on PS5 hardware. However, Sony has never been interested in investing the millions necessary to carry it out, “he commented shortly after the announcement of the new PS Plus and upon learning that subscribers could only play the video games of PS3 through the streaming game.


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