Capcom has announced a new version of Street Fighter V for PS4 and PC, which is now available in digital format and will arrive physically on February 14.

Capcom has announced Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, a new version of its fighting game for PlayStation 4 and PC that is already available in digital format (as an improvement of the Arcade Edition with a price of $ 24.99 ) and will arrive in Physical format for the Sony console on February 14, 2020, for $ 29.99. In addition to all the additional content released to date, it adds skills, balance improvements and two new characters, with Gill being one of them.

Thus, this edition includes the modes Arcade, Team Battle, Online games, Cinematic history, Extra Battle Challenges and Fighting Chance. To this we must add the 40 characters available to date, more than 200 costumes and 34 stages. Game balance updates are also applied with gameplay improvements and specific updates for various characters; All of them will add a new V-Skill 2 skill.

Gill, the Street Fighter 3 antagonist, returns

Although he had already appeared in the game as a cameo, he will now be a playable character. Gill, the Street Fighter III: New Generation antagonist, will be the first of the two characters added by the Champion Edition and will be available this December. You can see it in action in the next trailer.

The video shows the Illuminati leader as a character of movement and execution of slow abilities, but quite powerful and with enough possibilities to make full combos; In addition to your final skills. Gill will not come alone, but we can decorate it with four different costumes: Standard, Battle Costume, Story Costume and Pyron Costume.

As has been the case with the previous contents of the game, it is not mandatory to go to the box to get the content of the Champion Edition. Changes in balance apply to all players in the title, and characters and costumes can be obtained with Fight Money, the currency earned by playing.

Street Fighter 5 is available on PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam) since February 2016.

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