Lately, Terminators are everywhere. Leading up to the premiere of Terminator: Dark Fate, there’s been a lot of Terminator cross-licensing going on in games. Terminators (and Sarah Conor) have shown up in Gears 5, there are hints of a crossover in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and even T-800 appeared in Mortal Kombat 11. Next month, the franchise gets its own game  – Terminator: Resistance.

The title is a first-person shooter built in the Unreal engine, set in the ‘future war’ setting of James Cameron’s first two Terminator films. Also some light role-playing elements, crafting, and a hacking system to help you defeat SkyNet’s defences.

Terminator Resistance has been developed by Teyon, the studio behind Rambo The Video Game: Baker Team, which was an on-rails Rambo shooter that was not particularly excellent.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Terminator: Resistance is going to be bad. Below, you’ll find 27 minutes or so of gameplay from Terminator: Resistance, check it out and tell us what you to think.

Here it is, courtesy of Access Playstation.

So, not a lot of action movie running and gunning at all, really. The video appears to have been captured from Access Playstation’s live stream and reuploaded, which explains the somewhat low-res quality.

Here’s the thing, though. I’m actually pretty interested in seeing what they do with this. The whole thing about Terminators is that normal human beings are absolutely no match for them, even the clunky, skeletal T-800s. And so it makes a lot of in-universe sense that you’re not going to be gunning them down with an M-16.

I’m not completely sold on the Frogger-style hacking minigame. It’s more the fact that sneaking around can be a bit of a drag in a game about collecting and levelling up weapons.

But hey, on the other hand, it worked great for Alien: Isolation.

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