The Bohemia Interactive game is preparing to reach both systems with functions like cross-play.

With Vigor in beta testing, a phase that is closed and restricted to a limited number of players, there has not yet been much artwork to compare how the title performs on the Nintendo Switch, although now we have a video that brings you face to face the title of Bohemia Interactive in its still preliminary version for the Nintendo console with the Xbox One version:

From the YouTube channel of Nintendo Enthusiast, we are offered a first comparison of the game between the Nintendo and Microsoft consoles that allows us to get a first idea of ​​what the title will be like in action and how it looks on both systems.

Vigor is described as a third-person action game focused on the online multiplayer experience developed by Bohemia Interactive, responsible for titles like DayZ or ArmA.

The company has confirmed that there will be crossover play between the Nintendo and Microsoft consoles, including the option of matchmaking with users from both platforms.

The game takes us to a world devastated by the consequences of the last great war, where Norway has become the great bastion of humanity. You must survive as one of the last human beings in a world in ruins: fight, loot, maintain your refuge and play smart to survive in this hostile landscape.


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