Capcom prepares for the announcement of a new game in the Resident Evil series, something that will happen on September 9. It has been indicated that it will arrive on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but we still do not know if it will be the rumoured remake of Resident Evil 3 or, as other rumours and leaks have suggested, an online game in the line of the Outbreak sub-series. Filtered images point, in fact, in this direction.

Now, through the social network Twitter, a filter that in the past has given information about the Capcom series has indicated that the game would be Resident Evil 3 Remake, but that this will include a cooperative mode.

As he explains, his theory (from what he has been able to know about the development of the title) is that the game will have an asymmetric multiplayer mode of four against one. He said that what he knew is that the remake of Resident Evil 3 was going to integrate a special game mode with that asymmetric orientation.

Since only a few titles from Capcom use the RE Engine, the engine that has been used in the last games of the series, it seems unlikely that there will be several developments in parallel. This suggests that either has leaked images of the multiplayer mode or that it has opted for a completely multiplayer title and the remake of Resident Evil 3 would have been parked for the moment.

However, for now, its main bet remains that this could be a game mode for Resident Evil 3 Remake, although we will still have to wait a few days to know the first official data from Capcom and get out of doubt.

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