The exclusive PlayStation VR game starring the popular Marvel character will go on sale this Friday, July 3.

PlayStation has released the launch trailer of Iron Man VR, an exclusive game PlayStation VR, virtual reality of PS4, which will go on sale this Friday, July 3. In this video, we can see a multitude of gameplay scenes, which help us get a good idea of ​​what their playable proposal will be like, although we remind you that you can also try their free demo, available for weeks on the PlayStation Network. Also, if you complete the demo and later acquire the game you will receive a decorative molten lava armour.

Get in the shoes of Tony Stark

This action-adventure for virtual reality will make us feel like Tony Stark, both inside and outside the suit since in addition to spectacular action scenes it will have a very elaborate story. Throughout the game, we will get new skills and attacks and we can configure the mythical armour to our liking. Its creators recommend that we take it easy, gradually enjoying its history and different missions to avoid dizziness, and knowing that it lasts about 8 or 10 hours.

If you play this launch weekend you will be able to unlock the Iron Patriot custom decorative armour, the only requirement is to play for the first three days.


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