The YouTuber Matt Somers, known on the network as SupMatto, the channel has apparently been banned. The Youtuber has been the center of controversy to reveal leaks about Borderlands 3 and he was being investigated, and perhaps even harassed, by private investigators hired by 2K because it had leaked information onBorderlands 3. When the situation transcended, the game’s fan community proposed to boycott the company.

YouTube does not give information on the reasons why the Somers channel now does not exist, nor has the user issued a statement at this time that sheds light on the situation.

For now, it is speculated that the closure of the channel is the result of the pressures of Take-Two, 2K parent company, which will be publishing the Gearbox’s upcoming video game, considering that when this youtuber leaked information about the game, he was committing “illegal activities.”

The truth is that the Somers channel was bombarded with copyright claims that came from 2K Games, apparently with the aim of sabotaging their videos , getting YouTube to penalize it and prevent it from generating revenue. One of the potential consequences for these claims is the suspension of the channel.

Although some media outlets have contacted 2K and Take-Two directly, the companies have not clarified the situation and have repeated the statement we already met a few days ago, defending their position to defend their measures. Since 2K they said that “not only many of their actions are illegal, but they were negatively impacting the experience of other content creators and our fans in anticipation of the game.”

Not only Somer’s YouTube channel but his other social media accounts have been suspended as well. This could indicate that Somers himself has chosen to take these measures as part of the open conflict with the company, or that the reprisals have gone beyond YouTube.

We will keep you informed.

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