Eyeballistic, a studio made up of Mortal Kombat fans, will take its remake project of the first three games of the franchise out of the fridge to propose it again to Warner Bros. Games.

Mortal Kombat fans knows well the draft Eyeballistic, a group fan who wants to recreate the original game’s franchise of fighting with next-generation graphics in high definition while keeping the rest intact. The studio presented this idea to Warner Bros. Games in 2016 and even received the company’s approval. However, Waner Bros Interactive later cancelled this collaboration because it focused on feeding Mortal Kombat 11.

Now that the latest installment in the franchise has ended its development cycle and will no longer receive additional content, Eyeballistic has regained its intention to re-introduce Mortal Kombat Trilogy HD Remakes to Warner Bros. Games to resume collaboration and power. Publish the new versions of these three games officially, taking advantage of the fact that it will be 30 years since the launch of the first installment in August of next year.

They ask for 100,000 signatures to present this exciting project to Warner Bros.

Those responsible for the project claim to recreate the three original Mortal Kombat games, including the details of all the characters and settings in “glorious 3D”. For this, they will use Unreal Engine 5, an engine with which they are confident of expanding the resolution of the game up to 4K and making it work at 60 fps. They also plan to recreate all the music from the original soundtrack to give it a modern touch with real instruments; of course, the remake will include current features such as international leaderboards and online matches

Suppose they get the necessary support that they have marked in the petition opened in Change.org. In that case, they want to draw the publisher’s attention so that they are allowed to commercialize this trilogy of updated classic video games on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch and PC priced at $ 39.99. The goal is 100,000 signatures since that was the figure that Warner Bros. Games set as the minimum for the product to be profitable; if they reach it, they will present the project again to try to give it a commercial outlet.


Source: DSO Gaming
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