They exemplify the use of the haptic technology of the PlayStation 5 controller with spiders: “You can feel those little spider legs going through your palm” of the hand.

PlayStation and developers out there have been talking for months about some of the features of the DualSense, the PlayStation 5 controller that incorporates adaptive triggers and haptic response among its main features. The latter can be used, for example, to represent the terrain on which a character is moving or to make the impacts of the sword felt against an enemy. The creators of the horror game Tormented Souls believe that the use of this pad in survival horror will be “transcendent”.

“I think the DualSense could be very important for horror games on PS5 as it helps to increase the insertion of the player in the experience”, says the Dual Effect Games in an interview with SegmentNext, and they provide an example: “I can imagine a clear plastic artifact full of spiders that you’ve manipulated with your hands using the DualSense [and] the motion sensors while you can feel all those little spider legs running through your “palm.”

Tormented Souls is not confirmed for PS5

At the moment it is just an idea, a possible implementation of DualSense technologies in horror games, is something real. Tormented Souls is not officially announced for PS5, not even through backward compatibility. PQube, the publisher of this co-development of Dual Effect and Abstract Digital, has only confirmed that it will be released in 2021 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The title will be a fixed camera horror adventure inspired by Silent HillAlone in the Dark and the classic Resident Evil. The protagonist, Caroline Walker, will have to solve puzzles and go through disturbing scenarios while investigating the disappearance of two twin sisters.

Regarding the DualSense, recently PlayStation offered examples of its use in some first-party games such as Demons Souls RemakeSpider-Man Miles MoralesGran Turismo 7 and others. PlayStation 5 will go on sale at the end of 2020.


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