The coronavirus crisis and the logistical restrictions caused by it have ended up forcing the decision to delay the release of the physical edition of Zombie Army Trilogy for Switch.

BadLand Publishing has released a statement that the release of the physical edition of the Zombie Army Trilogy has been postponed until the coronavirus crisis ends. The company has made this decision to avoid the production, manipulation and distribution of physical copies of this video game, given that they do not consider it a basic necessity and the current priority is to avoid all these types of activities.

At first, Zombie Army Trilogy was going to be released in physical format for Nintendo Switch tomorrow, May 31, however, the stoppage of non-essential activities have caused this date to be invalidated, thus postponing the release of the physical edition of Zombie Army Trilogy until May 7.

“We find it irresponsible to put at risk the health of people engaged in handling, shipping and home delivery if it is not for essential goods,” BadLand Publishing explains in its official statement, where they also declare that they expect public understanding, by the time they want “this to happen as soon as possible.” In this message, it is indicated that all the physical launches of the company have been paralyzed, although apparently – and for now – the only affected videogame is Zombie Army Trilogy.

For now, from BadLand Publishing they also indicate that their digital production continues without any type of grievance over COVID-19; They specify that their next digital releases – Hue, for iOS and Android mobile devices, and Theme Park Simulator, for Nintendo Switch – are safe and continue with their production process.

In addition, the company recognizes that “those of us who are dedicated to entertainment have a responsibility to the players” and that is why they have started a series of sales from their catalogue to “make our games even more accessible,” at the same time that they have launched a raffle on their social networks where they will give away a key to one of their titles daily to the people who comment on the publications.


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