Capcom alters the story of Leon in the remake of Resident Evil 2

Capcom decided to change the backstory for Leon's arrival to Raccoon City.

Capcom alters the story of Leon in the remake of Resident Evil 2

Capcom has altered the story of Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil 2 Remake and fans are not liking it so far, the personal and mundane circumstances that had characterized the origin of the character.

If you are a fan of the series you may remember that, although it is not expressly stated in the original game, the official materials of the game – like the official Japanese guide – told that the reason why this young policeman survived the zombie apocalypse and the zombie-infested Raccoon City and all kinds of monsters was that he had argued with his girlfriend .

When he breaks up with his partner, while going to Raccoon City, he decides to stop at a motel and get drunk. That’s why he got up with a hangover. When falling asleep due to alcohol consumption, he arrived late for his first day of work in the Raccoon City police station, to which he had been assigned. That is, he arrived in the city after the zombie disaster because he had drunk too much the night before, which ultimately forced him to delay his trip, but by chance, he avoided being affected by the Umbrella virus.

However, in the revised version of the game a story is told that sets aside heartbreak and alcohol consumption :

In the official Capcom Japan account featured; Leon S. Kennedy is a newly assigned to Raccoon City rookie, but “before joining, Kennedy was at home waiting for his orders. After not receiving any calls feeling that something strange was happening, Kennedy went to the police station, and when he arrived at Raccoon City a few days later, his life changed forever. ”

It is clear that Capcom has decided that Leon is a much more neutral character, thus eliminating his love problems and his alcohol issues from his storyline.

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