Transformers: Devastation Review

In addition to melee weapons, also we have other far-reaching, very useful when to end the elusive flying enemies . While at first it may appear that are not too useful, the fact is that they were caught the “hang” let you pretty spectacular things like dodge, turn on the concentration mode and half of the elusive hitting a few shots. To top all this, we also have a button for grabs, Grimlock action that takes him far more game than the rest.

Beware dodge like crazy, as this technique is sufficiently penalized.

Beware dodge like crazy, as this technique is sufficiently penalized.

In the end what we have is a combat system as accessible as getting deep make all clashes are very frenetic, spectacular duels agile and hilarious .And most important of all: that each of our blows will feel tremendously satisfying.Not all action games get something as basic as hitting is fun, something that Transformers: Devastation approves with a remarkable (as 95% of the games of the study).

With regard to development levels, these follow the classic pattern of progress destroying everything, whether in arenas from which we can not leave until we end all enemies (to complete them will be assessed how we have done to give a range or other) or facing enemies that are scattered around the stage. Though make no mistake, here not you are going to limit only to combat, because in PlatinumGames have made ​​a great effort to print variety to the adventure , including persecutions, minigames, sequences where the camera changes position to look like a game from overhead view, much exploration, well implemented minigames, a wide variety of enemies and secrets until just very plataformeo objectives.

Devastator and Menasor together? They can not be with our heroic Autobots.

Devastator and Menasor together? They can not be with our heroic Autobots.

And of course: Heads of all kinds . While we did not have like the best that has made ​​the study in this regard, they know pose very spectacular, varied battles and captures perfectly the essence of the enemies we face, with some really memorable as duels We have against Devastator, Menasor or Soundwave.

The levels also hide a lot of hidden collectibles and secrets , as character models and sketches, which enter in very different ways, either by killing Decepticon flags, knocking down enemy spies or catching a series of small creatures. All secrets are well hidden and will force you to give a lot of laps exploring every corner. To this it takes a lot of game in the first half of the game, where we move through a city with many paths, routes and altitudes, while in the second part it all becomes much more linear.

With respect to its difficulty, we recommend that you begin to play directly in Commander , which is the highest level that you find unlocked when you begin to play for the first time as normal and easy will it be extremely simple. Complete the adventure difficult it is something that will take six to eight hours of play, but like any game PlatinumGames, is an extremely replayable title that invites us to unlock two additional difficulties (the last of all and I advised that it is only suitable for experienced players), to enhance and maximize our characters, to get the maximum range in all levels and get all your secrets.

And if all this were not enough, we also have a challenge mode with 50 missions that will test our reflexes and command skills , facing some arenas rather complicated and demanding combat. Not surprisingly, we dare to say that at the highest level of difficulty will find some of the toughest challenges ever created by this renowned Japanese study (which is not an understatement).


  • Visuals are great and very much like the cartoons we love to watch
  • Awesome soundtrack and voice acting, brings lots of memories back
  • Mix of weapons and melee combat system provides a intense game-play experience


  • There is no character selection, wish there would be alt. stories or even the option to play as Decepticons
  • Drop system could be better


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