Battlefield 1 Review

Instead of running and gunning with jet packs Battlefield 1 takes us back to WW1 era of gunpowder and steel, and offers an excellent, spectacular FPS experience.

Since DICE announced that Battlefield 1 would set in World War 1 era, the vast majority of fans of the series was thrilled and excited , since the series decided to abandon the futuristic warfare formula that has become so popular within the genre. This sudden change was a risky move, but now it’s clear as day that it was a very successful decision. Developers takes us back to the Great War era, that began in July 1914 and ended in November 1918. Although this war was conceived originally as a quick race that would end all wars, it really started was one of the oldest and bitterest conflicts in history. There were several reasons that changed the conflict, however, the most important of all is that in the eyes of the world came the beginning of modern warfare . The technology allowed to design multi – ton tanks, planes offered new war strategies and new tremendously destructive weapons given to the infantry. So that ancient military strategies were useless for the first time, the military and civil war went global scale. And here where we stood in Battlefield 1 .

A new Battlefield

No doubt that representing the level of reality was difficult because, not only have to be faithful to history, but also make it work in terms playable. In this sense, Battlefield 1 remains pure Battlefield ; same control system and same feelings on the battlefield, so it is a title that will surprise the fans, however, includes new features. The most important factor is that all weapons have been modified to include the original weapons of the time, which also affects vehicles and, despite the renewed maps, the title still offers a realistic, compelling and extremely fun to Control . It is important to note that the weapons now require greater skill given the absence of technology, and that vehicles, especially in the air, are now slow and clumsy to handle. These feelings add more natural feel which makes it original. All this makes Battlefield 1 a more complicated, but also much more satisfying game, and we feel a greater personal contribution to the achievements.

battlefield1_reveal_01In short, DICE has managed to perfectly capture the essence of a war that combined surprisingly the most traditional weapons with the most advanced technologies of the time. These so exaggerated contrasts have been perfectly balanced and whole conflict, whether on land, sea or air, feels realistic and balanced. Undoubtedly, the Swedish developer has done a sensational job of adapting these update to the franchise,  yet keep it true to the history and offer something new to the genre.


Weapons and vehicles of War

In this new installment we have shotguns, rifles, submachine guns, pistols, sniper rifles, machine guns and grenades and, although they offer variety, the number has drastically reduced compared to Battlefield 4 . The shortage of weapons, incomprehensible in a game of this nature it is perhaps the most significant downfall. Nevertheless, the weapons have a faithful recreation aesthetics, including such legendary models as the German P08 pistol, machine gun Lewis Belgian or bolt action rifle Martini-Henry of the British Army. Logically, the weapons have identical behavior to real, providing statistics such as damage, accuracy or ammunition so we can compare them and choose the one that fits to our style.

bf1_ea_play_04_behemoth-train_wm_1These weapons can be visually customized through the Battlepacks . These boxes, which include different skins with various levels of rarity, give us a unique look. In the same way, we can enter the customization menu (always within a game) to change the look, the barrel or increases, important elements, but still insufficient compared to previous installments. Finally, we must remember that you can buy different types Battlepacks using real money. Battlefield 1 includes military vehicles and light and heavy tanks, cars, fighters, bombers, ships and for the first time, horses. Still compared to previous game selection is limited for vehicles to enjoy on the battlefield and there is less variety and quantity of customization options from what we are used to seeing in the franchise and that will inevitably tends to repeat playability. To try to compensate for this section, each map includes special vehicles such as an armored train, a destroyer ship or a giant airship.

in_battlefield_1__no_battle_is_ever_the_sameEA aims to compensate the lack of selection with the Season Pass at a cost of $49.99, including 16 new maps, additional operations, 20 new weapons, new modes game, more vehicles, and even new classes Elite new armies.


New Classes

Battlefield 1 offers a total of four classes: the first is Assault , a class equipped with shotguns and submachine using explosives like dynamite, anti – tank grenades, armor – piercing cannon or mines to undermine the offensive capabilities enemy vehicles; Another option is Medic to assist the fallen players and heal those who are in a complicated situation, and for this we have resuscitation syringes, boxes and bags of medical bandages. However, it is also a well – equipped class because it has a large catalog of automatic and semiautomatic rifles, surely medic holds the  most “modern” weapons in the game. The third class is support , it will have all kinds of heavy machine guns and special items such as mortar, the ammo pouch or tool to repair all types of vehicles. Finally, we have Scout , with which we will have bolt action rifles and infantry as well as a number of grants that go from a trap bomb, a gun flares to mark targets, to armor – piercing projectiles, shields, decoys or periscopes. Certainly, if the power of their weapons we add the large number of accessories available, this class is one of the most favored, but it also requires more skill.

battlefield1_gc_screen08These four classes, which unify some of the existing ones, get a great balance on the battlefield, however, Battlefield 1 also incorporates special few. One is Pilot , which you get automatically once you get an aerial vehicle, he is equipped with a pistol, a rifle, flares and a repair tool; Tank operator basically the same class as above, but with antitank grenades; or Cavalry , lastly you could be equipped with a saber and a rifle if you got on the horse. This class, which is one of the newest of this title, offers the ability to move quickly,slash enemies with our sword and shoot, but we can only do when mounted on a horse.

battlefield1_gc_screen04_flametrooperAnother interesting addition of Battlefield 1 are the Elite classes , which can activate collecting special boxes that appear on maps, and enable us to bring a huge armor and shoot the dreaded machine gun MG 08/15, burn the enemy soldiers carrying a flamethrower or do M1918 rifle use that will end any vehicle that stands in our crosshairs. With these classes Elite special and the four basic, has created a field of battle experience like never seen before, adapted to all types of players and interesting variables to balance and give dynamism to the conflict.

Online modes

Entering  Battlefield 1 multiplayer , totally include TDM, Conquest, Domination, War Pigeons, Operations and Rush we get 6 game modes . Some mode presents a maximum of 64 simultaneous players, that number may reduce by mode or server features. Beginning with the classic, Rush provides battles in which a team must advance to the enemy base and the other must avoid attack; Conquest is the most successful so far in the franchise and our goal here is to master the different points on the map in a total war. Meanwhile, Domination forces us to control different points, but the maps are smaller and do not have vehicles, ensuring a closer and more direct confrontations war. War Pigeons, where you have to catch a pigeon, protect and get to send a total of three to win the game. Finally, TDM is a classic mode in which both sides are faced with the only goal of ending the opposing team. It is important to mention that we play these modes using Quickplay, entering a custom game or using filters between different servers available.

ea_and_dice_announce_battlefield_1_open_beta_dateAll these modes incorporate interesting innovations, either in the planning or in the form and, although nothing revolutionary, adapting to the 1st World War does not suffer and remain tremendously addictive. In addition, as a hallmark of the franchise, they are quite extensive with games between 30/45 minutes. In this sense, a way that provides longer experiences and which in turn is the main novelty of Battlefield 1 is Operations . Here, with four different conflicts and as if it were a real war, a team will have to defend a zone by zone map and different points of conquest, while the other attacks to try to dominate them . However, attackers have a limited number of soldiers wave, which adds more excitement to the games. The most amazing part of this mode is that, if attackers get completely replicate the enemy army, to advance to a new map. This location will have to be defended by an army again and attacked by the others, which makes the games last more than one hour. Undoubtedly, the approach of this trench warfare, with cinematics to explain the situation and a very dynamic development, provide the most realistic approach that has seen a war of this kind in a multiplayer game .


Upgrade system

As usual, with each game we will be getting experience points (XP) that allow us to gain War Bonds to unlock more advanced weaponry. In addition, we will also raising the level of the class we use, which is essential to unlock unique items.Because of this, we will need a certain level of class and a number of war bonds to buy weapons, even if they only require generic War Bonds. This arsenal, we can see from the start menu or while playing, can only be changed during the game , something completely incomprehensible, as this task remains for us minutes when you could do quietly in the initial menu. Likewise, in the start menu we can not edit the various spaces available for configuring classes, wish this was presented to gamers,

bf1_ea_play_02_destruction_wm_1Another great new feature is the progression system designed for Battlefield one that rewards above all the damage that we make and objectives to fulfill . That is why, unlike in previous installments, where the damage done is not rewarded in Battlefield 1 you get .Undoubtedly, a mechanism much fairer valuation. In addition, DICE has put a lot of interest in positively reward players who perform the actions required by each mode. Finally, they wanted to enhance Squads . These formations of five soldiers will have a leader who will be marking targets for other players in squad. The orders, which will be reflected on the screen, allow us to get a lot of extra points, and a higher valuation of the team. These teams are increasingly important and, besides allowing us return with our partners in the field, contribute to a more organized and direct play.

battlefield1_gc_screen01_sentryThis new release of Battlefield includes Medals that, by meeting different objectives depending on the type, mode, the weapon or vehicle, reward us with additional experience points. In addition, weekly medals that will be renewed to offer new challenges. These also grant us callsigns , a collectible of this franchise which will show our achievements and differentiate ourselves from other players. With all these movements, Battlefield 1 provides a more controlled and realistic gameplay, ensuring a more satisfying experience, because if we want to progress we have to help our squad, achieve the objectives and focus on harming enemies , avoid being a camper to score easy kills or if you do not try to achieve the objectives, we can guarantee you will end up at the bottom of the barrel.

Battlefield 1 Maps

To make fun online gameplay, it is essential to have a varied and well designed maps. In this new release there are a few different total of 9, all with a spectacular attention to detail and unique. We will travel to forests, deserts, cities, coasts and endless plains ravaged by war. All these maps inspired by real locations of the 1st World War, have enormous size and accommodate an effective armed conflict at all levels. Because of this, as usual in the franchise, we will have to travel long distances to reach key positions, so that although there are vehicles and dynamic comeback points which will be very important move with smart tactics on the battlefield.

battlefield1_gc_screen07All these maps have dynamic weather elements that partially or completely modify the gameplay . Dense fog, sandstorms or rain will change the way we play because, for example, planes lose their sights if they enter clouds, snipers will not see long distances, or tanks will be exposed to explosives. These changes, which are common in longer game modes such as Operations, and makes the experience more realistic. The maps also include weapons and special vehicles that appear to balance the battlefield. Because of this, we can control armored trains, huge airships or ships destroyers, one way or another, will change the course of the game and force us to focus our interest to end the opposing team. Undoubtedly, the maps have a very successful design levels, a dynamic variability makes each game different and spectacular.


Graphics & Sound

One of the most notable factors Battlefield 1 is its incredible visuals and sound fx. Again, the game uses the Frostbite graphics engine, used in previous titles in the series with excellent results. However, this time DICE has gone a step further and make the PC version is a real technical marvel. The work of modeling, texturing, implementation particle and lighting of spaces is simply brilliant , as never seen before in a game of this nature with all the realism and sensations of the battlefield. Thanks to the excellent work, each map feels unique and climate change offers a sensational realism. But these environments are not mere decoration, because the architecture demolishes with the evolution of the conflict and this changes the way we play. PC maintaining stable 60 frames per second at 1080p with all parameters to Ultra , which is an even more immersive and realistic experience.

battlefield1_reveal_04All these praises are equally applicable to the sound section.Battlefield 1 has a faithful recreation of all the sounds of weapons and vehicles of the time, being balanced in a forceful sound mix full of details. To close an outstanding section, the soundtrack is fantastic, including tunes of very emotional moments.

battlefield1_gc_screen06_tankhunterPlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the graphic does not shine as much as in PC: the textures have lower quality, there is less amount of particles in the environment and the lighting system is not as complex, which results in an appearance not so rich in visual detail. Still, the console version similarly carries the visuals of the war and makes remarkable change in our gaming experience.

Seeing the WW1 era from different perspectives

The spectacular and cinematic campaign of Battlefield 1 campaign deserves a very special treatment. DICE has not wanted the story mode added in a simple way by reusing the existing maps and offer a similar multiplayer gameplay. Instead they have done a great job of designing and creating narrative calls with War Stories . This set of six stories take us to various parts of Europe and Africa to see different times of conflict through different groups of soldiers. Thus, avoiding the classic soldier omnipresent and savior of the world which was seen in previous installments, we embody the role of various soldiers.

battlefield1_reveal_03Making a mature narrative and a very responsible and moving to such a real and cruel confrontation approach use as was the 1st World War, the campaign mode will lead us, for example, into the bowels of a tank, to become a daredevil pilot airplanes or accompany the legendary Lawrence of Arabia. All these tasks may be played in the order you want and each will last approximately one hour, which results in a campaign 6/7 hours depending on the difficulty you choose (Easy, Normal and Hard).

bf1_keyart_final_1920x1080-1200x675This mode manages to offer playable moments to remember, uses a very few elements of multiplayer and narrative, always respectful of the conflict, he knows how to convey the feelings of the battlefield. Surely all lovers of history and war movies have something to enjoy in this campaign mode. Easily making it one of the best approaches have been made to the WW1. Also, the soundtrack for emotional moments and amazing graphical section, with a higher realism that you see in multiplayer, get the sensations of war era like never before.

Final Thoughts

Battlefield 1 has met and even exceeded our expectations and created an outstanding game . The multiplayer offers variety and new modes of play, a sensational graphic finish and most importantly, gameplay feels just as fun and realistic . The inclusion of new classes, the renovated set of weapons and vehicles, the development of a system of deep progression, or the inclusion of dynamic scenarios with the change of climate and destructible level, are the proof that the online multiplayer of Battlefield 1 has gone by style.

battlefield1_gc_screen03As usual in the franchise, PC graphics are near-perfect and offers a level of modeling, texturing and lighting rarely seen. Finally, the game includes a campaign mode designed to be a unique experience and thanks to the six stories available not only going to find out what really was the 1st World War, but we will enjoy a playable structure and narrative designed exclusively for the campaign. With all this, and thanks to a more demanding gameplay due to the absence of technological aids, Battlefield 1 becomes one of the best shooters up to date.



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