Deadlight: Director’s Cut Review

The big news in this release is the new Arena Survival mode in which you will face endless waves of zombies and have to stay alive. The interesting part is that you will get to use new weapons such as machine guns or sniper rifles. There are many options in this mode to turn the game to your advantage. It is an interesting addition to the game, but we doubt that you will play it over and over again, except you are interested in achieving the highest score on the online leaderboard.

deadlight-directors-cut-201652417514_4The digital art book is and extremely entertaining addition with very fine detail about the creation of this work.

Graphically there weren’t too many improvements over the Xbox 360, but the higher resolution now of 1080p made the game more smooth during the animations and much softer. This most likely added the better controls in the game compared to the original title. The artwork seems very spectacular which is candy to the eye and will get you hooked to the game.

The soundtrack was well chosen and very many suits the game itself. Mostly it is very environmental and as mentioned the main focus happens during the games highlights. The sound atmosphere is very well done, except we felt that at times some characters voices were a bit too low compared to the environment around them.

deadlight-directors-cut-201652417514_1In conclusion, the game is extremely entertaining keeping you engaged with all the puzzles to solve and obstacles to get through the levels. It’s price is quite reasonable, but the gameplay itself is a bit short. If you want a nice evening or two to spend time playing a game that you can finish, this is the right pick for you. As mentioned, we very much enjoyed the game and would strongly recommend you to try it. It was one of the best 2D games we have played so far. Great job Tequila Works and thank you for giving us the opportunity to review this game.



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