For Honor Review

An original and daring proposal from Ubisoft Montreal with intense, complex and fun duels between Vikings, Knights and Samurais.

For Honor is probably, along with Steep , one of the most risky bets that Ubisoft has taken this generation, and daring to create  something completely new and away from the current fashions. In this way, the famous   developer puts the innovation and the test of new concepts by ignoring any criticism, and we have to admit that this is something very necessary so that the industry does not end up repeating itself  and be  able to advance towards new directions.

Launching a competitive medieval multiplayer game focused on melee battles and duels in a market dominated by online shooters is not something that has high expectations of success, but Luckily for all, Ubisoft has believed     to their title  that we have at hand ,  and giving us a great  treatment wit this Triple A game, without skimping   on budget and performing the best production  they could.

In fact, it is much appreciated how clear they have been at all times with the title, coming up to three stages of different online beta tests  so that the public and the community could taste it and contribute their bit to development, so that anyone who was interested in For Honor  could get a good idea of ​​what to expect from  the final version.

The final result? A very interesting proposal that, although far from being perfect, yet knows how to offer enough fun to make us spend a good number of hours  fighting intense duels between samurai, knights and Vikings.

The Justice of Steel

The first thing we would like to warn you is that although the game includes a single player campaign, this is no more than an accessory and a complement that is not able to sustain the title by itself, since the real attraction and what really has been careful is the multiplayer , so if you are thinking to buy it only for its campaign, we recommend you do not rush, at least wait couple months till launch price drops.

That said, this is an action game in which we can control up to twelve different characters (four per faction: Vikings, samurai and knights), each with their own abilities, special techniques and unique peculiarities. Although the basic controls are practically the same for all, the game experience changes a lot depending on who we control, since neither the speed at which we attack, nor the way of hitting, nor the movements that we can carry out will be the same, forcing us to adapt to them and learn to dominate them if we want to be really competitive.

Speaking of controls, here we have one of the biggest differentiating aspects of For Honor regarding the rest of games in the market and one of its strengths . This is because there are three different directions by which we can cover and attack (right, left and above), something that in combination with two types of basic attacks (loose and strong), the possibility of taking hold to break defense and The special techniques of each character ends up resulting in duels of wit and skill as tense as satisfactory.

We will have to demonstrate at all times that we are better than our rival when it comes to figuring out where we are going to attack and where we can catch him by surprise , when to use some of our resources and be very quick in reacting to any Thing that can happen, since the directions by which we can come the blows can be altered within a same combo.

Neither can we forget that there is an energy meter that is consumed with any of our actions, whether it be attacks or avoidance, which we will have to manage very well, since if we empty ourselves we will have to wait for it to recharge again to be able to Perform combos and special moves.

Another great successes of the game we have realized is  weight of character movement , getting that feel with much realism each one of the impacts, which they are to be especially satisfactory in the blockades and shocks between arms.

To give you a better idea of ​​what it means to play For Honor , the feelings transmitted by combats against other players are much closer to those of a fighting game than to a hack and slash , and this is something that is accentuated with the passing of the hours. What a principle seems a complex but shallow system, ends up uncovering a lot of possibilities in the long run.

In fact, it has nothing to do with a duel between two players who have just started playing with one of two experienced users and with some shooting . The former will be a little clumsy and random, with movements more or less randomly, while the latter become almost a hypnotic dance where blockages, special techniques, elusive and accurately calculated movements happen non-stop. And the best thing is that this progress that we will have as players is always very present, so we will constantly notice how we are improving after each game.

The only problem with all this is that For Honor does not know to offer much more . It is a game that depends 100% on whether we like your combat system and have fun in the long run, for more duels that we cast, which can make more than one end up becoming too monotonous and repetitive ahead of time.

In fact, the title reaches something fair content , with only five modes that are not what is said precisely varied, since there are usually many more goals in them than kill the other way around. On the one hand we have one-on-one duels, two against two and four against four against the best of five rounds (that is, we have to win three to win the match), as well as a classic four-on-four team (With the exception that you have to reach 1,000 points first and eliminate the entire opposing team after it) and Domain.

This last modality is the most “original”, as it raises four to four confrontations in which we have to conquer different points on the map to score points. Our objective is to add 1,000 points and eliminate the whole team against reaching that figure, so eliminating rivals happens to a secondary plane to give a little more protagonism to the team strategy.

As in all modes for teams of four, as we add eliminations we will raise levels and unlock abilities during the game, as if a MOBA was. In fact, in the central base of each map we will have to eliminate minions (AI-controlled characters that last a hit) to help our people advance and conquer the place, which causes very chaotic battles when both teams try to take over the same zone.

The truth is that this modality has seemed much less fun than the rest , since the games usually fall into the most absolute chaos and requires so much communication and team play that one of our teammates fail can throw us all for Land, so we recommend that you look for a group of friends to play if you want to really enjoy.

At least the initial number of maps accompanies, with twelve different scenarios and each one with a good amount of variants, giving them this way a very different visual aspect each time we play in them (although the playable design is maintained intact). Of course, none of them is especially great, since what is sought is to favor the clashes between players.

An interesting detail we have in the inclusion of a global war between factions , where we will be forced to join the Vikings, samurai or knights to fight for their cause and try to impose us at the end of each season, we will get supplies from War games by playing and sending these assets  to support the defenses and conquests  each territory.

It is a curiosity, because, after all, our contribution to the final result will be very little noticeable , although we are sure that it will help keep the community alive, as it makes us part of a global conflict with its own Rewards at the end of each season, results that will also affect the aesthetics of the maps.

As for the system of progression, this is individual for each character . Playing with them will gain experience, which will allow us to level up. Each one we climb will give us a specific reward, such as designs for our emblem or new skills, and increase our chances of getting better booty when opening boxes (including several pieces of random armor) or after each game.

All this equipment will improve some attributes or others , although we have liked to verify that a certain balance is maintained so as not to decompensate much regarding those who have little time playing, since everything that we equip ourselves will give us both benefits and cons, Final ends up being a matter of being lucky so that we touch what we need and outline our preferences to fit our style of play.

Something to keep in mind is that the pace of progress is very well measured and, for example, unlocking new characters has seemed a relatively simple task, especially if we complete the daily missions and play for a while each day. Obviously, to maximize a character we will need to play an enormous amount of hours, especially if we want to get all his equipment, although at least the game rewards us with some frequency.

Here we would like to point out that For Honor will follow the same business model as Rainbow Six Siege , so all the maps and modes that are launched will be free, while the new characters will have to unlock them, either playing or paying real money , for What the option of having everything without paying a penny of more is present, something that is always to be appreciated.

What we did not like so much is the online infrastructure and the design of its interface , with a very intuitive and confusing menu system. In fact, starting a new game is usually a very tedious process, since the pairing system is not precisely fast or precise (rather the opposite), something to which several screens of long duration load must be added until Finally we can put out to hand out swords (or axes, or katanazos, or whatever our character uses).

In addition, when a player disconnects, it is usually very difficult for the system to find a substitute, so at the end of each game we have to find a new one if we do not want to end up playing with more bots than humans, forcing us to go through the process of Search again from the beginning, with all that entails.

As if it were not enough, the game does not have dedicated servers , so it will always be one of the players in the game to play host, something that has not experienced all kinds of irregularities, such as random disconnections, host changes that Interrupt the rhythm of the game, moments with much lag, et cetera. Eye, most of the time we played fluently and without too many incidents, but the situation is what it is and these problems are present.


As we said at the beginning of the text, For Honor also has a campaign for a player, although we have seemed, by far, the loosest of the whole . The main problem here lies in the game’s own gameplay, since dealing with bots (which by the way, are quite good and hard) is not even half as much fun to face other players.

When in the multiplayer we play a duel and we win, what we really feel is that we have been better and smarter than our rival, whereas with a bot that sensation does not exist, simply that the AI ​​has decided that it was time to commit A mistake not to react in time and let us beat it. In addition, most of the time we will spend fighting against very weak enemies that die of two or three blows , so much of the tactical factor that usually offers the game is lost, something that is relegated to the bosses and mini-bosses to the That we will have to face.

This does not help the fact that the campaign is almost always developed in the same maps of the multiplayer (fairly touched and extended, yes) and that the missions have a very linear and marked design that we can not practically leave, for What all will be to advance wherever they tell us while we are eliminating what is coming our way. There is some surprise, but that will be our usual routine.

We are not going to deny that we have been bored enough during the eight hours that has lasted us , since at all times we were tempted to leave the game to return to the multiplayer, although at least we have to admit that the story is very well told (there are A large number of videos generated with the game engine that have a lot of quality), although the story is not especially interesting.

We have also added several collectables in the form of observable objects and items that we can break , which gives it some rejugable value. In fact, this mode has its own system of progression, so we will play rejugarlo several times if we want to complete it to 100%, something that does not seem to us the most attractive idea in the world. That yes, its inclusion is appreciated and as an extended tutorial works perfectly.

At the graphic level we have to admit that we have been very surprised how good the game looks , with a very detailed scenarios, good animations, great character modeling and a very successful lighting. There are some effects that squeak and certain textures are not at the level of the rest, but usually it is a game that easily enters the eyes, something that also helps its great artistic section.

The sound leaves us with a soundtrack with hardly any presence and little varied, although the subjects with which it counts very well, are of quality and adapt perfectly to everything that happens on the screen. The effects we have also liked a lot, especially with regard to the sound of weapons, it is a pleasure to hear the clashes between them.


For Honor is one of those games that, without being perfect, is precisely what the industry needs: something new, original and different from what has been seen before, risk and seek to offer new experience . Its combat system is very funny and very complete, giving rise to very intense, fun and satisfying duels that will bring us great moments.

Its multiplayer has liked us enough , although it is a lack of alarming variety that will make many get tired of it in the medium and long term, although if we can fully connect with your proposal, a lot of time will have to pass before we get tired of measuring Our sword skills with other players.

Unfortunately, the campaign has remained a mere complement that does not offer the same levels of fun as the multiplayer, although its inclusion is something to be thankful, but we would be very difficult to recommend your purchase if you are interested only this part of the set .

It is in one way or another, if you want something different, you are attracted to your proposal and you like what we have described, here you have a very interesting option to take into account , especially if you have a group of friends willing to play with you. And with the assurance that everything that comes out after its launch you can get it playing.



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