Stories: The Path of Destinies Review

An Unreal Engine 4 game filled with exploration and fighting in a beautiful world.

And if that were not enough, all these other common ingredients come together in the genre as the hidden secrets (with teleports included), the option to use some other object such as a grappling hook, as well as the possibility to equip magical gems and a relatively diverse gameplay. A reiteration of the situations as mentioned earlier due to their structure game, some players may expect a wider freedom of action during their journey through the different areas of Boreas. Moreover, the level of difficulty has seemed rather weak, although it is not an easy walk,  more experienced players may need a more challenging game. And, perhaps most importantly, being an action RPG draws attention to the lack of diversity of enemies that you face and, even more, the total absence of final bosses, it is sad that one of the most intriguing and exciting element of RPG games, boss fights missing from this game.

stories-the-path-of-destinies-2016310102015_12Top view isometric perspective is great, and you can enjoy a truly enjoy colorful graphic palette. The graphics and designs are entirely convincing, each well-drawn characters and decorated backgrounds are extremely varied, some even surprising. The powerful Unreal Engine 4 graphic engine is used, which can demonstrate a good amount of screen elements without any frame drops or screen tear. The sound and music have also been careful tailored and excellent.


Final Thoughts

Lately, there are not too many Action RPG games that reach different gaming platforms. Especially with the level of quality and charm that comes with Stories: The Path of Destinies, which despite having several shortcomings, the fact remains that it presents originality, an engaging gameplay and visual style very successful.



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