Assault Suit Leynos Review

Assault Suit Leynos finally comes to PlayStation 4 with enhanced visuals.


The game also accompanied by a story, and the game has multiple endings, you will experience all around great robots and fratricidal wars, as the premise of the game puts us in a “post-civil war” scenario, in which forces of the Earth and its colonies face a threat by a cyborg whose goal is to destroy the human race.

assault-suit-leynos-2016713111552_12Proportions and art styles are the best we’ve seen in a game quite some time because sometimes the enemies significantly exceeding our size on screen, and remember that our protagonists are also driving huge robots too. During the confrontations, there are moments of rain of bullets, which sometimes can not be avoided however can be deflected by our shield. The difficulty of these confrontations, and the game is hard, but not impossible; it is possible to finish the game in a few hours (and a few deaths).

assault-suit-leynos-2016715124719_6Visually Dracue Co has done an excellent job, compared to the original game this is much better, because we can now see our robot perfectly(thanks to high-resolution), and each level has a variety of effects and scenarios. If that’s not enough, at the end of levels there are very original features such as video scenes enliven the action accompanying on-screen portraits whenever a relevant person says something that has to do with history. But undoubtedly the encounter with the bosses are particularly spectacular. Sound effects are dramatic in battle, and the music makes everything even more epic. Also, you can select the original soundtrack or remake to your liking.

assault-suit-leynos-2016715124719_5Final Thoughts

It is difficult to recommend Assault Suits Leynos to every gamer unless you’re old enough like us to remember the early days of this game. But if you look a difficult, intense and epic challenge, or re-experience the most direct gameplay of run and gun or shoot ’em up, no doubt you can take a leap without fear. We look forward to seeing the other games from the series.



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