Beyond: Two Souls Review

This time the story can be played as it was designed or chronological order. The latter option reduces the confusion of the time jumps between chapters, yet we see that are unrelated stories with Jodie at home or at the research center and the story has little “butterfly effect,” but if it’s not your first game than you may be interested in playing it with less confusion to see the timeline.

Also statistics added that show percentage wise decisions made ​​by the community while playing each chapter. At the end of each chapter shows several highlights of that scene, with a percentage of people who have done the same as us or something different. It is good to know what others do and we guide us to know what alternatives there are, especially you may try different alternatives on your next game.


In terms of gameplay it has been refined control during battles and difficult climbs certain struggles. The difficulty between “I am a regular player” or “often play games” is present, so it is not going to be an obstacle for those whose new to video games. By the way, they kept the two-player mode using a phone application that lets you control separately Jodie and Aiden.

Final Thoughts

The remastered edition meets the minimum requirement, neither more nor less. If you have it in your collection no real incentive to repurchase, or maybe wait for a price drop.


And about the game, Beyond. Two souls is difficult to define, it does certain things well, most of which will usually recognized by seasoned gamers, yet commits errors, many related to the way story told and the effect of our decisions to the ending, which is one of the most important aspects in this genre and suggests that Heavy Rain was better. If you love this type of interactive stories then it’s a good choice, you can go purchase it right away or wait few months and when the collection comes out next year you can try both games.



  • Improved resolution and textures adds more clarity, and shines on screen
  • An option added to play the story in mix order(original) or chronological time-line
  • Statistics added after chapters compares your decision with the community is a nice addition as well
  • Controls are also polished comparing to PS3 version


  • Wish there was an option to remove the black bars to get full screen


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