Beyond: Two Souls Review

One of the main criticisms was on how the story was told, because Jodie remember past events in a non-linear timeline . Towards the end it becomes more linear and more continuous, but the feeling of getting confused ​​in different scenes is still an issue, where as Heavy Rain story was straight forward, and more trivial, with little weight or message.  During the story timeline jumps months or even years(future and history), but sometimes these time jump unnecessarily complicates story, which is already full of mysteries and misfortune. In the remastered edition , there are 2 option when you begin the game the original timeline and the linear, thanks to Quantic Dream that they listen to the criticisms and get this issue fixed and leave it  optional.



The other problem in Beyond: is how little influence our decisions have effect on events.The big difference comes in only in the final hours of the game but anything before has a little to no effect on ending. This is an important difference comparing to Heavy Rain, where real control itself felt in the fate of each character and not only by different combinations of finishes, and you could actually lose one or more characters in the end.


On the other hand Beyond remastered edition improve several issues, and not just technical, it was undoubtedly one of the best looking games of PlayStation 3. The graphics engine was prepared for a specific needs so it could squeeze the 6 year old console potential to a max limit, but within that limitation unbeatable quality offered.


The game still relied heavily on the QTE button events, although disguised with a reduction of the interface to make it more natural. In the struggles, instead of pressing only the indicated buttons, you also have to move the analog stick in the direction of movement to dodge , jump or punch. It becomes a little more difficult to predict combat and adds excitement to the fights, which are filmed with a very cinematic choreography.

Remastered Edition

PlayStation 4 version of Beyond: Two Souls brings changes, but in the technical section may be a little more conservative than we expected of work done internally. The biggest improvement is the 1080p resolution, which adds more clarity the image and shows a great clarity on textures as well. The modeling of the main characters easily slip through the current generation, cause the faces and hair of characters are including more polygons this time.


On the negative side we have the game remains at 30 frames per second. However the game is like an interactive movie so the developers may decided to keep the way it is as the original game. Then we have the same black bands on screen just like the PlayStation 3 version, with no option to remove to get the full screen.


  • Improved resolution and textures adds more clarity, and shines on screen
  • An option added to play the story in mix order(original) or chronological time-line
  • Statistics added after chapters compares your decision with the community is a nice addition as well
  • Controls are also polished comparing to PS3 version


  • Wish there was an option to remove the black bars to get full screen


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