Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Review

While exploring dungeons you will find out thousands of examples on how to avoid dangers by relocating objects. Well placed vases on the cracks clear the air from toxic gases. Shooting a can full of water or using magic with water element will put off fire, that’s blocking your path. There are hidden doors on walls that opens by placing objects on buttons on ground, others way to unlock these doors; you can use lock-picking or simply brute force. Fire can open hidden paths, in these catacombs you will face hours of puzzles.


Game has lots hidden content waiting to be found and provides around 40 hours of gameplay.

Over 40 hours of gameplay in a huge map full of possibilities, you can play solo or cooperative , and there is not even a single moment of boredom. Original Sin was an awesome experience on PC and now it is offering more.

Enhanced Edition

This game is not squeezing the full power of the current gen consoles, but we can comfortably say that they didn’t rush things while converting the game from PC . Visual are upgraded in Enhanced Edition and we haven’t seen any major issues, game is perfectly stable. Split-screen mode during local coop is another new feature with this Edition, which is very useful for those who are not interested in playing the game online. Coop play is perfect for exploring an area and get resources faster. Only sometimes more complex scenarios may take time to coordinate.

Local co-op is one of the new additions in this version which is another fun way to explore this beautiful universe with your friend.

Local co-op is one of the new additions in this version which is another fun way to explore this beautiful universe with your friend.

Thanks to developer for the great art they created, which are colorful and rich details of this world. You can’t ignore the beauty of this game and how naturally they designed the setting, even with the lack of dynamic camera.

Developer also implemented other adjustments and implementations throughout the entire game. Most importantly voice actors did a fantastic job to complete all character voices including the secondary ones, extra work is always appreciated that gives more immersion along dozens of hours.

Difficulty throughout the game is unstable, which can be challenging.

Difficulty throughout the game is unstable, which can be challenging.

As mentioned earlier unlike the PC version Enhanced Edition on console come with new areas to explore, as well as a new ending and new skills.List is very long, but justifies the new name. There are no revolutionary changes, but you will find many reasons to beat the game once and start a new game. Gamers usually don’t return back to a game for a second time, but for anyone who enters this fantasy world for the first time will find even more reasons to enjoy and experience more.

Final Thoughts

A Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition has issues very little to none. Such as lack of speed, and a non-stability in difficulty throughout gameplay and a story sometimes becomes dull, but non of these are a deal breaker. We are facing an outstanding and a very special title, which played on PC and loved by many and finally it’s your turn to enjoy it on consoles, if you already played it on PC you already know what we mean and if this will be your first time, you won’t regret it.


  • Developers put their time to really enhance the experience from graphics to voices, AI, story to additional content and more
  • Local co-op is a great addition for those who don't play online or simply enjoy the experience with a friend


  • Controls are well implemented can't complain but still not as fast as playing it with keyboard and a mouse setup


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