Driveclub Bikes Review

Driveclub is not only presenting cars only, by adding an expansion now Bikes and motorcycles are also available for your pleasure.

Driveclub Bikes dozen bikes brings several hours of new tour and challenges in single-player and also multiplayer.In terms of content it is not offering much, but for it’s price tag there is fair enough to keep you entertained. Bikes controls presents a drastic change in the gameplay which makes you rethink and adjust  your timing for braking and cornering . A superbike is much more maneuverable than cars, the rotation is narrower and width of the road seems greater, resulting in greater ease of overtaking your opponents.

The handling of the bikes follows the mechanics of Driveclub sweet spot between arcade & simulator. While driving Bikes you should be more careful with taking those corners at high speed, where a car receives scratches and speed reduction if go off track or crashes but Superbikes explodes and is re-spawned on track resulting loss of time.

We felt that the difficulty is a bit harder comparing cars for that matter, although it is subjective and depends on your level of experience with this type of game. Seasoned Driveclub players also have an advantage learning the new controls in short period of time.

Final Thoughts

Evolution Studios presents an expansion that brings minimal changes in regards to modes but differences in gameplay and introducing new challenges with bikes . Nothing has been said about the future plans if the expansion will get short or long term support, but new circuits would probably be compatible with cars and motorcycles, also other improvements in online settings and rooms also apply to Bikes DLC.

So does it worth the cost? It depends on your interest in motorcycles. While the campaign mode will feel short if you don’t go for those 3 stars completion, but the hours of online games and challenges definitely extends the experience.


  • Expansion coming with it's own set of trophies , even an additional Platinum
  • Controlling superbikes introduces a new type of handling and gameplay
  • Bikes has it's separate online section where you can compete with others for countless hours


  • There could be more bikes than a dozen
  • There are no new tracks.
  • No option to have races where cars and bikes compete against eachother.


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