Far Cry 5 Review

Ubisoft offers us Far Cry 5, an action-adventure game in an open world that is full of fun and spectacular content and with a magnificent setting, which becomes the best installment in the series.

In 2012 Ubisoft surprised us with Far Cry 3 so much that it seems that all the later installments of the series weren’t able to overcome the impact of Vaas and always seemed “more of the same”, despite the additions, improvements and the evident refinement of the formula, which no other title has been able to replicate with the same success.

Now comes Far Cry 5, which may be criticized again for lack of innovation, but trust us that it is undoubtedly the best installment in the series, the most complete, polished, fun and spectacular, which does virtually everything well, despite having once again an excessive ambition.

It has reminded us of the recent Assassin’s Creed Origins in the care of all its contents, with more than a hundred missions, very elaborate and surprisingly varied , plus an endless number of activities and playable possibilities for each player to do whatever they want, all within of an exceptional setting , something that Ubisoft games never fail, and what they manage to overcome with each new adventure.

A great action adventure game, that will enchant the fans of the franchise but that any lover of the genre should try, since once again it offers a unique proposal, in which the years of experience are noticed and much on the same basis.

Welcome to Montana

Something very important in each new Far Cry is the change of atmosphere since you will spend many hours touring its beautiful natural landscapes, both on foot and vehicles, weapons and narrative are also affected by the scenario where each adventure takes place. Far Cry 5 takes us to Montana, United States, so the series abandons exotic locations for the first time and goes to a very different place, something that is noticed in the game in different ways.

The fictitious county of Hope has been taken by a religious cult, the Eden’s Gate, with its charismatic and disturbing leader Joseph Seed as the leader. This group believes that the end of the world is near, and has created an army that is performing all kinds of atrocities on those who do not want to voluntarily join the cause. Our goal will be to stop them and to do so we will have more freedom than ever, in a non-linear structure.

Despite what might seem at first, the game is not over criticizing religious fanaticism and rather is a mere excuse to play a lot of different topics. Take advantage of that takes place in the United States to perform a satire on the nation itself and all contemporary society, without leaving a puppet with a head, something that has reminded us much to the Grand Theft Auto franchise, showing a lot of black humour and villains.Do not expect a great story, but a lot of small stories more or less interesting starring a series of characters to each more eccentric, which is used to address all kinds of issues and put us in a host of different situations. The very structure of the game, so open that lets us carry out the missions in the order we want, does not allow us to offer a great story in the most traditional sense, and the conscious narrative of this practice does not even try, adapting to its structure of total sandbox.

It is curious that the great villain, Joseph Seed, has a more implicit than explicit presence in the story, and his three heralds have the most weight throughout the adventure, so we could talk about Far Cry 5 not He only has one big enemy, but four. That yes, it tires us a little and that narrative formula of a nutter releasing a screen soliloquy while our protagonist remains silent, a narrative resource that is repeated too many times throughout the adventure.

If you are looking for a great story this is not your game , and there are many others who are dedicated to it, although you will find a lot of dialogues, situations and interesting, funny and very bad milk reflections, where you can see that their writers are they have had a great time in an outstanding action game in the open world, very spectacular and full of possibilities.

More freedom than ever

There are not too many important changes in the Far Cry 5 formula, you know, huge scenarios that allow different approaches with a lot of weapons and vehicles that allow you to solve situations as you like, with stealth, with direct action or a mixture of both styles. All the good of the previous Far Cry is maintained and polished, and as an action game, it works like a shot, especially if you’re a fan of the series since you’ll feel at home from the first minute.

In addition to the system of allies, which we will explain later, the novelty that is most noticeable in this release is its new structure, more open than ever , since from the beginning of the game we have available three regions with more than 130 missions, which we can face in the order we want. Each region is led by a leader, and our goal is to perform all kinds of activities to get points to fill a resistance meter completely, which will allow us to face the great villain of the region.

A simple and clear structure that is not without surprises and unexpected moments, but that does not need to artificially provoke the show with too many missions scripted or “scripted”, as this comes at any time, having such robust gameplay ingredients and complete. It is  a   sandbox  in the purest sense of the word, and a really fun one, where there is not a second for boredom.

Perform missions, take enemy positions, a classic of the series, destroy outposts of the cult, free hostages, steal or eliminate enemy goods, anything goes to get points to be able to face the leader of each region. We can focus on just one area of the map, how to go between the three, any way of playing is possible, and this feels great to the formula Far Cry, a freedom that was already in the gameplay, and now permeates all the work.

A freedom that has also been contagious to its progression system , being able to unlock the skills and improvements at our whim with some experience points that we obtain constantly, both exploring the scenarios and collecting collectibles as well as the dozens of challenges (a certain number of casualties with each weapon, eliminate animals, tour the air and a lot more) that reward any way of playing , although the more varied the better, because more challenges you will perform and more talent points you will get.

The other great novelty of the gameplay are allied fighters, a series of characters managed by the AI and that will accompany you on your adventure. You can recruit them anywhere on the map, since they are members of the resistance and join the enchanted combat, and we can give them simple commands, such as moving to a position or attacking an enemy.

But within these allies, there are nine specialists, some characters that we have to recruit after carrying out a mission and that have special abilities and characteristics. For example, a dog that can mark enemies and even attack them and bring your weapons, a pilot who helps you with a plane from the air, a sniper, a skillful hunter who uses a bow with stealth, a character that uses a flamethrower, another a rocket launcher, and even a bear and a lynx.

All the specialists are very different from each other and are suitable for certain situations or ways of playing, and in addition to giving them orders, they can also revive you if you fall in combat, although you also have to worry about them, because if they die it takes to reappear a few minutes. In a fairly brave design decision – unlike allied characters in other games, here the enemies see the allies when you are trying to play with stealth, so if you bet on infiltration it is better to go alone, or accompanied by a suitable character for it.

It is also important to note that this time you can play the entire campaign between two players through the Internet, and if it is fun alone imagine in the company of a friend, the laughter and epic moments are guaranteed. A feature that is not given excessive importance promotionally speaking, but it is a detail that speaks very well of a complete game in all aspects.

Items that were already in previous deliveries, such as vehicles, here work a little better, both by land, sea and air and in a subtle way everything is more polished. Where we have most noticed is the variety of missions, which is surprising considering that there are more than 130 and that it is still a shooting game. We have never had the sensation of repeating situations or falling into monotony, and that has enormous merit in a game so generous in content.

Everything is very careful, from the main and secondary missions -which is difficult to differentiate by how elaborate they are- to the activities such as finding treasure places, in sections that mix section and platform in well-worked locations that we liked a lot. There are even some gamers speed trials against time with air and land vehicles, and a minigame like fishing, a moment of relaxation between shots.

It took us a while to pass the story about 20 hours, leaving still more than 50 missions and many other activities and collectibles, so as usual at Ubisoft we are facing a huge game, and that we still have not talked about the multiplayer and the editor of levels.

Far Cry Arcade

The level editor was already present in previous installments, but it was a feature that the vast majority of players did not pay much attention to, we imagined because of Ubisoft did not know how to make it palayable enough. This time they have given a much more attractive package under the name of Far Cry Arcade and is even integrated into the campaign since we can access it from a few recreational machines or posters that are scattered throughout the map.

With the level editor, we can create all kinds of maps, using materials or assets of the saga itself or other Ubisoft games like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Watch Dogs, creating challenges for a player or cooperatives, as well as create maps for the competitive multiplayer for 12 players. These contents are shared among the community, so if you do not want to create anything and just want to play you will have hundreds of maps and levels to enjoy.

In solitary or cooperative challenges we can create levels in which the objective is to eliminate all the enemies of a map, assault a post with certain rules, such as for example you can not raise the alarm, or even levels where you only have to complete a tour, based on the exploration and the platform . In the multiplayer, we have two modes: all against all and team battles.

These maps and levels are shared on the internet with all players, so there will be almost infinite content with the passing of the weeks, and will also be constantly updated with up to six packages of thematic content plus weekly updates with the featured maps, which will serve to exhibit and discover the best creations.

In addition, there is a system of raising levels by playing games in Far Cry Arcade and is connected to the campaign because the improvements and rewards that we obtain in both modes are maintained, to encourage us to move from one to another naturally. Because of the way they have fitted it, we believe that the Far Cry 5 level editor will be much more noticed, which was a feature that few games have and were very untapped.

An open world game, that is simply spectacular

We are so used to Ubisoft to give us these open worlds so large, detailed and beautiful that we fall at the risk of not assessing them in their proper measure because they are simply amazing. In each new game, they are overcome with the setting, and that happens again with Far Cry 5, one of the most detailed and alive open worlds that we have ever seen in a video game.

Regardless of the platform chosen to play it, all console versions look great, you can see that Ubisoft has already taken the pulse to the current generation, and yes, they all move at 30fps, so you have to go to the PC to enjoy the 60fps. There is a bit of popping or sudden appearance of elements that clash, and certain details that are missing in the series, as there is no weather and for example rain, but in general is a very solid and colorful game, with some values of production that you see in a few titles at the end of the year.

Something that also shows in the great sound section, with outstanding sound effects in the recreation of weapons or the setting of nature, and with an outstanding soundtrack, both in the themes composed for the occasion and in the graduates, with a more important presence than in previous deliveries, even narrative.

Far Cry is still in top form

We loved Far Cry 5. With a formula based on polishing and improving, it works as well as it did six years ago, but with more playable possibilities than ever, with the most elaborate and careful contents of the whole series , and with a really attractive and different setting within the series, which gives a lot of game to propose all kinds of situations and characters as fun as surprising.

An outstanding action game, the only thing that fails once again is to build a great story, something really complicated taking into account its particular structure, and in its lack of innovation and greatly playable novelties, something that they will have to face without fail for the next delivery.

If you previously enjoyed a Far Cry and you like its proposal do not think about it, you’ll love it, and if you’re just a lover of the genre, there are many good reasons to be entertained for a good few hours with an adventure of hilarious action.

We have prepared this review after playing the title on a PS4 Pro, with a digital review code that was provided by Ubisoft.



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