Killsquad Review

The Space Bounty Hunting Fiesta You Didn’t Know You Needed

Suppose you’ve daydreamed about strapping on a jetpack, arming yourself with a blaster, and jetting off into the great cosmic yonder as a bona fide bounty hunter. In that case, Novarama’s “Killsquad” is here to make your wildest dreams come true. And by wildest dreams, I mean facing off against ferocious alien beasts, escorting precious cargo through treacherous environments, and being the most coveted hero at the space cantina.

For starters, “Killsquad” is not a sci-fi disco, as the name might imply. No, it’s far more thrilling: an action-packed, co-op RPG set in a galaxy where resources are scarce, and bounty-hunter teams are plenty. Picture Starship Troopers having a love child with a spaghetti western, and you’ll get the drift. Did I mention you can play with your buddies or total strangers online? Space may be the final frontier, but this journey is not lonely.

So, strap in, put on your most intimidating helmet, and brace yourself for a thrilling cosmic joyride that is the “Killsquad” universe. And remember: no disintegrations.

Gameplay & Mechanics

First, don’t go into “Killsquad” expecting to spend hours min-maxing your characters or meticulously plotting out skill trees. Novarama’s RPG hones in on short bursts of frantic action. Each contract takes roughly 30 minutes to complete, making the game perfect for those who have to juggle saving the universe with things like “work” and “sleep.”

You start each mission at level one, but as you battle through hordes of alien nasties, you’ll get to choose new skills that turn your hero into a walking, talking engine of destruction. But it’s not all ‘blast everything in sight’; there’s strategy involved too, and got an onerous contract on your hands? You must pick your skills wisely and adapt your hero to the task. Think of it as a ‘choose your space adventure.’

Your hero’s prowess is measured by a metric called ‘Vector,’ a fancy way of saying, ‘How deadly is your gear?’ The higher your Vector, the more complex the contracts you can undertake. So, spend your hard-earned bounty on new gear and weapons. After all, what’s a bounty hunter without a shiny blaster at their side?

Art & Design

“Killsquad” is as visually striking as a supernova. The worlds are beautifully rendered, each planet distinct and brimming with detail. From the cold harshness of ice planets to the sizzling heat of volcanic worlds, you’ll feel like you’re journeying through a sci-fi pulp novel.

The enemy design, too, is a real highlight. You’re not just facing off against space goblins here; each foe you encounter is designed with imagination and flair. And there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution to these nasties. Each enemy requires a different approach, keeping you on your toes and your blaster busy.

But what sets “Killsquad” apart is its procedural generation. No two playthroughs are ever the same. Even the planets are out to get you, with AI-spawned disasters like meteor storms and minefields to navigate. Now that’s what I call a hostile work environment!

Story & Characters

While the gameplay is where “Killsquad” really shines, it also packs a narrative punch. There’s a genuine camaraderie as you team up with other bounty hunters, battling against the odds to secure precious resources. The game brilliantly captures the classic westerns’ wild and lawless frontier spirit, albeit with laser guns and alien monsters.

The characters, or heroes as they’re called in the Killsquad universe, are varied and exciting. From Kosmo, a tank-like brute with a heart as big as his health pool, to Zero, the team’s healer, there’s a hero to suit every playstyle. Plus, there are more heroes to come. So, whether you like getting up close and personal or prefer a more supportive role, there’s a place for you in the Killsquad.

Final Thoughts

So, is “Killsquad” worth your hard-earned space credits? Absolutely. It’s a thrilling romp through a galaxy filled with danger and excitement. The combination of fast-paced action, stunning art design, and rewarding cooperative play makes it a must-play for fans of RPGs and sci-fi.

Sure, it might not have the depth of a traditional RPG, and you might occasionally feel like you’re at the mercy of the RNG gods, but these are minor quibbles in what is otherwise a stellar game. So, don your space helmet, grab your blaster, and get ready to join the “Killsquad.” In this game, it’s always bounty-hunting season.



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