Hitman Review

The first episode of Hitman coming strong, it will also offer weekly contracts and more.

This Hitman is a larger, more populated and detailed version of Absolution, which is the previous game. So far, this is the best of the series in many ways, but at this point we can only speak of the first chapter, which seems to be less repetitive, however, we will see how things will go.


Glacier engine overhaul provides visual innovations that we already experienced in the beta. The leap from Absolution is not huge, and perhaps the biggest point – in Consolas- black is in a variable rate of images. Never reaches extremely low points, even in rooms with more characters on screen, which is where you really see the muscle of the current generation. Rarely or never you will experience problems of precision in aiming and shooting.


Other minor problems are found in the animation. It looks slick and smooth most of the time other than a couple of small glitches, which you can simply ignore since it won’t affect the game play. One scene we want to point out is when you are hiding a body in boxes or cabinets, there is a break in the sequence that does not connect directly with the gameplay. Furthermore, you might get frustrated a bit with the long loading times when entering a level mission. It gets more annoying when you replay the game and have to wait for a significant amount of time.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, analyzing this first part of Hitman for what it is, we are quite happy with the major changes compared to previous games and taking advantage of the new generation consoles. The price, in our opinion a bit too high, since there will be further additions. However, for now, we would prefer a lower price point. The different scenarios, especially the Paris mansion, are small open worlds where you can make a thousand and one decision that will lead to complete the mission… If you have the time, you can probably spend weeks on the game and still find other ways to accomplish the main goal of the game.


We did find that the game wasn’t technically fully polished, but that is due to other episodes not being finalized yet. It seems that the game was launched a bit early and the polishing will come with additional updates. Overall we did enjoy playing the game and would recommend you to give it a shot.


  • Accessible game mechanics for every type of gamer
  • Future updates will introduce new contracts and targets
  • Plenty of challenges to extend replayabilty


  • Long loading times
  • Minor AI related issues


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