Kittypocalypse Review

A Tower Defense Game built for VR where you fight against aliens that disguise as cute kittens!

Kittypocalypse is a tower defense game exclusive developed for VR by a Danish Studio called Bolverk Games. It offers players to defend our earth against to Aliens who tries to destroy us, and these aliens disguise themselves as cute kittens.

Kittypocalypse is playfully stylized and presents a very colorful environment to players, and later levels can become chaotic due to the high number of enemies, but it’s pure fun. There are over 20 stages that present different environments such as from deserts, forests and to snowy mountains. You look to the stage from a top view and is a great game for VRgins(First time VR users) as you don’t need to use your VR legs at all, so you don’t get sick from the experience.

OasisYou control your view of the battlefield by using the Xbox One Controller. You can hover on top of the stage as well as by using the shoulder buttons you can zoom in and out to certain locations to get a closer look how the mean alien kittens are dying under the heavy fire of your laser beams or heavy turret fire. There are areas highlighted on the map where you can build basic towers first, and as you progress, you get better upgrades and improved towers.

AutumnIn game graphics and animations are pretty decent and gives the player a good feel of a tower defense game. This is a must have title whether you are new to VR or planning to demo it to you friends and family at all ages and they will enjoy it.



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