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Buckle up, dear gamers and neon lovers! We’ve got a hot, fresh serving of Atari’s newest offering, Mr. Run and Jump! Picture this – a platforming spectacle that zips you through an explosion of colours and excitement, like being on a roller coaster hurtling through a bustling Tokyo street, wholly drenched in vibrant neon lights. According to the grapevine, this pixelated platformer is already elbowing its way to the top of the “Speedrunning Platformer of the Year” list, leaving a glowing trail of accolades.

Gameplay & Mechanics

Navigating the intense, pulse-pounding world of Mr. Run and Jump feels like being thrown into a maze of colourful obstacles, where your agility and quick thinking are tested to their limits. Jumping from platform to platform is an electrifyingly kinetic experience akin to a caffeine-loaded kangaroo bouncing off the walls. The gameplay mechanics strike the perfect balance between the nostalgic charm of arcade classics and the crisp precision of contemporary platformers. Whether you find yourself executing a perfectly timed wall run or sliding under searing lasers with the grace of a gazelle, the controls are smooth, intuitive and fluid.

However, don’t let the game’s colourful aesthetics fool you into thinking it’s a walk in the park. The neon universe of Mr. Run and Jump has a dark side, and it’s not afraid to show it. A single misstep can result in a glorious burst of neon, sending your pixelated self back to the start.

Speedrunning Features

Every tick of the clock in Mr. Run and Jump carries an intense weight, making each millisecond a vital commodity. This game doesn’t just flirt with the concept of speedrunning; it grabs it by the hand and pulls it into a whirlwind dance of adrenaline and precision. Each level is a masterfully crafted labyrinth designed to test your reflexes and quick decision-making skills to their very limits. The sheer thrill of shaving off those precious milliseconds from your previous best time gives an adrenaline rush that would make even the most potent energy drink bow its head in respect.

And as if the rush of beating your records wasn’t exhilarating enough, including online leaderboards adds a layer of competitive rivalry. The quest for bragging rights among your gaming friends and the world at large will keep you repeatedly returning to the neon-lit streets of Mr. Run and Jump.

Graphics & Sound

If you’ve ever fantasized about wandering through a neon-lit cityscape straight out of a cyberpunk novel, then the visuals of Mr. Run and Jump are your dream come true. The environments are awash with dazzling neon hues, creating an awe-inspiring visual spectacle yet never overwhelming. The pixelated art style pays a beautiful homage to retro gaming, expertly intertwined with a contemporary, vibrant colour palette.

The game’s audio is no less impressive, with a soundtrack that throbs with electrifying synth beats. These pulsating rhythms drive the game’s high-octane action, syncing perfectly with your frenzied leaps and dashes. Every note of the soundtrack enhances the overall gaming experience, creating an audio-visual feast that’s as captivating for the ears as it is for the eyes.


In a nutshell, Atari’s Mr. Run and Jump is more than just another addition to the pantheon of platforming games. It’s a heart-stopping, retina-searing, platform-leaping spectacle that pushes the speedrunning genre’s boundaries. The game’s tightly tuned controls, the complexity of its level designs, and the sense of urgency that underlies every aspect of gameplay make it a potential classic in the making.

Whether you’re a grizzled platforming veteran with years of pixel-perfect jumps under your belt, or a bright-eyed newbie curious to dip your toes into the platforming scene, this game will give you a neon-tinged adrenaline rush that’s hard to resist. It will lure you back repeatedly, promising the exhilarating thrill of just one more run, one more attempt at shaving off a few precious microseconds from your best time.

As the legendary Daft Punk once said, things should be harder, better, faster, stronger, and this game embodies that spirit in its purest form. So, strap on those virtual sneakers, take a deep breath, and dive headfirst into the vibrant, electrifying world of Mr. Run and Jump. It’s time to run, jump, repeat and conquer the neon-lit nightscape!

“We prepared this review with a digital review copy of the game for the PS5 version provided by Atari”



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