NBA Live 16 Review

The saga NBA Live has gone better times. Rarely have we seen a finished game, ready to go, with final copies to be removed and fabricadas- market, but delivery of this saga of 2011 saw this unusual problem, and served as a turning point for EA Sports redefiniese future Saga. During the last three years he has tried to take steps in the right direction, which is getting even though the steps are cortitos than they should.

Although it may seem like doing blood, it is almost inevitable to mention the competition because, maybe if it did not exist, NBA Live 16 would pale not both. And, in fact, NBA Live 16 is not a bad game, but his main rival has placed the high hoop so that it is impossible to make a kill.

Step by step …

NBA Live 16 is a simulator of basketball, although sometimes somewhat simplistic sins , something that departs slightly from that realism. The game offers many possibilities to jump onto the field, both with big professional teams and with our own character, in addition to the Ultimate Team so far held in FIFA , and management options.

NBA Live returns this year with Russell Westbrook as star player.

NBA Live returns this year with Russell Westbrook as star player.

Those who enjoy with NBA Live 15 have good news: the game continues to improve. This year there have been different settings in polishing playable experience, something that is appreciated especially on defense. In addition, we have great practical tutorial in which we learn many basic and some more advanced movements to start playing. This is ideal if you have not played before, or even to refresh your memory and learn us the news.

NBA Live 16 has a rather simple gameplay can be somewhat favorable for certain users.

NBA Live 16 has a rather simple gameplay can be somewhat favorable for certain users.

If there is anything that is derived from this is that, for newcomers, it becomes a much more accessible than play NBA 2k16 . Those looking deep simulation and multitude of options will be disappointed with the game of EA, but instead want a title to take quick games without too many complications, NBA Live 16 is emerging as an option.

Of course, the fan’s fan basketball game, will be limited, and will soon find sensitive gaps . The lack of animations, somewhat strange movements of the ball, sometimes seems to teledirigida-, some faults that whistle when they should not and vice versa, and an artificial intelligence that only becomes challenging at the highest level of difficulty create a experience with many gaps. We want to emphasize that NBA Live 16 is not a bad game or a disaster, but very irregular.


  • New game modes are worth trying
  • Good presentation as always


  • Some awkward player movements
  • AI needs improvement defense can be a headache


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