Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition Review

Ubisoft's most famous platformer finally comes to Switch with a perfect adventure and makes the most of Nintendo's console.

Ubisoft was able to bring back their beloved and veteran mascot, Rayman to current gen consoles in the best possible way. So they did it with Rayman Origins, a title that many of us were exceptionally captivated when it first launched a few years ago. The sequel did not wait too long, and two years later Rayman Legends further improved the formula of Rayman Origins success that gave life to one of the best 2D franchise. Unique gameplay and platforms that we played and remembered with joy in recent years.

After passing through a multitude of formats, Rayman Legends finally releases on Switch, retaining all its charm intact and adding a couple of minor innovations to form one of the most desirable games in the Switch game library especially under the platforming genre.

In a genre that is gaining ground after many years of expectation and surely with the arrival of the expected Super Mario Odyssey platforming will live its peak, it is good to know that platform adventures are recovering fans after being one of the star genres during the 32 and 64 bits era.

Rayman Legends

Switch owners are lucky and finally get their hands on with a tremendously amusing adventure, an extensive game that offers many entertainment possibilities. The main course is its story mode, which consists of half a dozen worlds that contain different levels each to add up to a total of more than half a hundred, this number is enhanced by the inclusion of a good amount of extra phases extracted from the previous Rayman Origins.

And not only that since the title boasts a good sum of options and additional modes. In addition to the possibility of unlocking new characters and skins for many of them, it is also possible to participate in various minigames and special phases like Kung-Foot, which in this case presents a multiplayer tournament mode for four participants, important to mention this is the most noteworthy new feature of the Switch version.Switch version also allows us to enjoy handheld mode alone or in local multiplayer, use the touch screen to handle Murphy (a secondary character) whose helping us in certain phases. Wii U version has the GamePad option as well. In fact, this is the only downside we can say for the Switch versions shortage of innovations because everything else is really sensational.

Everything that surrounds the title from play mechanics to graphics is still a delight. The design of the levels is fantastic, and its variety is incredible: phases in racing or underwater levels in which you have to search and find secret passages to advance… A recital of creativity that continues to be as magnificent and fun as it was in its day.

In addition to its well-designed platforms, each of the levels is full of collectibles … and, also, secrets. Some of them are very well hidden and will surely make you have to repeat more than once a few levels if you want to discover 100% of what this adventure offers you. Truly a very entertaining title that ensures many hours of jumps and platforms.

To round off all this list of greatness, the game also presents simply unbeatable controls. With two or three buttons it is possible to perform a large number of actions for both Rayman and the rest of the characters that meet in the adventure (Barbara, Globox, etc.) respond perfectly to our inputs.

Finally, the graphics section is still superb, as it was in its day. This title first came out 4 years ago but time has not done any damage to the excellent work of design put into this production, which offers us a colorful, variety of scenarios, a collection of animations and simply outstanding special effects. In docked mode, the title is displayed at 1080p and 60 frames are fairly stable for 90% of the time, although the resolution drops to 720p (the maximum that is able to play on Switch screen) if we play it in portable mode. A magnificent technical work that is backed by effects and melodies perfectly adapt to the action and to each scenario.

Final Thoughts

Rayman Legends for Switch offers us exactly the same as we already enjoyed 4 years ago with the addition of a couple of minor details. A great title to enjoy if you enjoy platforming genre until the long-awaited Super Mario Odyssey arrives. Is it worth it if you already have the original edition? Well, unless you are very attracted to the Kung-Foot tournament, the truth is that it does not contribute anything new, so in this case, the answer is not very clear. But if you have never enjoyed this excellent adventure, we think it is an excellent opportunity given the Switch’s versatility, a console that offers handheld and TV mode both, Rayman Legends perfectly fits this consoles library.

We reviewed Rayman Legends on Nintendo Switch with a download code provided by Ubisoft.



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