TASTEE: Lethal Tactics Review

A turn-based strategy game in which both teams act realtime, forcing gamers to predict the movements of their enemy.

Tastee: Lethal Tactics is a turn-based real-time strategy game, where we operate a small unit of mercenaries in extremely delicate missions against to cartel members. Skybox Labs Games has been working hard and adding content continuously to improve the game. There are 30 campaign missions in 10 different areas, and more options to play against to your friends online.

On each turn, in a full break, you have the freedom to decide how you are going to make a use of your mercenaries, either making them run to new positions, strategically fixing them to corridors or throwing them against enemies that you have located. The funny is that the other side (either AI or online friend) is planning the same while you decide your turn, so when you finally execute your decision you will witness how good you did with those decisions. When an enemy appears in front of you, you still have a plan of action for the next few seconds to decide to blow his head off, but you may not be the fastest to tighten the trigger.

tastee01The characters fall into four classes. The Gunman, Shotgunner, Sniper and Bomber Each has its distance to move during a turn, speed and distance as well, along with a series of their skills you can improve as you gain points during the matches. The Gunman is perhaps the most versatile and fastest of the four; the Shotgunner is lethal at short distances in the same extent as long is the Sniper, whereas the Bomber is somewhat slower, but can drop Grenades at the foot of the enemy from corners. The extra skills are geared to do more damage, gain speed, endurance or some of them to detect where your enemies are, being one of the key points of the gameplay.

tastee02One of the coolest things in Tastee, that the game has been intuiting where your enemies are going or what will be their next actions. For you, your only reference is the last place where you saw the enemy and makes few seconds what you saw there. When you plan your turn, you must anticipate where your enemy has gone and with what intentions.



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