Nova-111 Review

This so curious fusion of styles brings to life an adventure that will increase their interest and depth as we go. Yes, because with each improvement we collect, a new complication is appearing in the form of adversary or puzzle, so the complexity of the adventure is enhanced naturally. And this is compounded by the fact that each new phase usually have a labyrinthine layout as the previous and also usually add more tasks, new monsters and secrets (and they exist at close range) better hidden and difficult to detect.


Gameplay that despite its rarity and be somewhat confusing at first, after hours becomes very entertaining, addictive and absorbing. In fact, you may even end up being rather short, because in half a dozen hours can overcome it. A minor inconvenience for a title that shines in almost everything: control simplicity, freshness, imagination, creativity in designing puzzles … It is quite difficult to find a similar indie game and possessing the same quality standards that treasuredNova-111 .

We also liked very much the mood that follows the title. The dialogues that gives us our fellow sufferer, Dr Science, provide sympathy and help release tension, which is always appreciated. And changing the third, it has also amazed us the good use has been made ​​of the screen GamePad in the version for Wii U, which shows the map perfectly.

It is also one of those games that, without offering anything particularly outstanding in graphic terms, it manages to be funny and visually appealing . The designs of the characters and objects are very simple but are very clean, and the design of the various planets. Maybe the special effects (explosions, etc.) remain simple, but to be an adventure of his style, does not mean too inconvenient.

As we progress we can go buying parts and capsules improvement for our ship-shaped washer.

As we progress we can go buying parts and capsules improvement for our ship-shaped washer.

And even better is its sound section, since in spite of being relatively limited offers a range of environmental and very warm melodies , enlivening the space exploration commendably.Maybe we miss a spoken dialogue between the characters, but despite this the title easily meets this aspect.


All in all this game has really entertaining and refreshing moments. Puzzles, strategy and action united by a game mechanic somewhere between real time and shifts that ends up broadly engaging. At it’s current price tag we say give it a go because it is really good.



  • Unique Game Mechanics
  • Cute design with a nicely picked color palette
  • If you are big on Turn based, this is your game


  • Lack of auto-save/checkpoint
  • If you don't Turn based strategy games, this is not the right title for you


As far as I can remember, I've been surrounded by technology. My father bought us a Commodore 64 so I started playing games as a baby, following my passion with Amiga 500, then PC and so on. I love game related collectibles, and when I'm not collecting I review games, watch movies and TV Shows or you may catch me keeping a low profile at Game Events.

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