One Hand Clapping Review

The voice is the sound that we get the most out of every day since it is not only necessary to communicate; it is an excellent instrument for recreational or artistic purposes and an essential tool for our cognitive development. It is the sound that comes out of our mouth, and, in some way, it is a tool of communication between people, and with it, we can express our state of mind even without using words. In fact, of all the instruments that the human being has manufactured, none has proven to be as versatile and sublime as the human voice.

So much so that there are no two exactly alike in any part of the world that we know, because to a large extent, it depends on numerous physical elements, in such a way that the voice is the most particular hallmark of each person. In the end, when we hear a voice, listeners are always ready to make judgments about the speaker’s personality because it plays a fundamental role in the manual skills and mouth movements associated with the correct articulation of language. In short, from a conceptual point of view, it has a considerable psychological dimension.

One Hand Clapping offers us an adventure that is more complex than it seems at first glance since it gives us the freedom to express ourselves through our voice while we travel through a world full of vibrant landscapes and mysterious characters.


When speaking of minimalism, reference is made to something contained, with simple shapes, in which all accessories have been reduced to the maximum. It refers to the work that tends to search for maximum formal and conceptual tension using, in a restricted and rational way, pure, simple and isolated volumes. Transparency is even sought, simulating the dematerialization of objects.

To this end, One Hand Clapping boasts a look that embraces minimalism as a way of life. An appearance that provides ease, simplicity and clarity that produces pleasure and a feeling of comfort in sight. The proposal mentioned above creates a world of lovely pastel colours that manage to draw our attention to its beauty and focus on the figures themselves to solve their puzzles with our voice.


Who hasn’t felt a lurch in the stomach when they heard his voice for the first time? Our voice is one of our hallmarks. We think it sounds in a certain way and has a specific lathe, but when we listen to reality, we almost fall apart without knowing why.

In this regard, One Hand Clapping vindicates the importance of stopping to listen to our voice and working on it since it is yet another feature of our personality. In this case, it is utilizing a very traditional and very traditional 2D vocal platform game. A game in which, in addition, it is necessary to solve different and numerous puzzles by singing or humming through our microphone, since these constitute a problem that arises throughout the adventure and whose solution, in other words, is commonly based on the resolution of several tests.

However, in the game, these puzzles are associated with doubt as an aspect that we initially want to avoid, given the associated uncertainty. After all, throughout our existence, we are constantly subjected to decision-making. Some are anchored in the process of doubt, something related to high levels of anxiety and hopelessness, from low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence, up to a high level of demand.

With nothing to lose and warming up with a handful of vocal exercises, One Hand Clapping encourages us to face these existential doubts and uncertainty. Specifically, it helps us accept the sound of our voice, even if it seems imperfect. And it does so through a relaxed and relaxing development in which we sing different notes throughout our vocal range to move particular objects or raise a platform on which we want to move. It may seem simple, but the truth is that this type of emission requires breath control, and you have to do exercises that coordinate breathing and emission.


The voice is an instrument that must be tuned daily, as it implies improving the tone, resonance, expressiveness, volume, rhythm, pauses… It is one of the weapons that we must know and handle very well, for example, when we want to function in any scenario to reflect confidence, get them to listen to us and maintain attention. In short, it is something that takes time. And even though One Hand Clapping does not ask us at any time to have a virtuoso voice that dazzles the best singers in the world, it is necessary to use an effective voice modulation that allows us to overcome all the obstacles that come our way.

By mastering voice modulation, exercising the muscles in charge of voice production and applying different techniques, we can beat the game in 4-5 hours. Otherwise, said side exploration can extend the duration a little more in time.

Final Thoughts

We all interpret different voices, but in the end, we must find our own, the one that allows us to express ourselves as we are. Correctly conveying its message, One Hand Clapping is a title that plays a vital role in establishing the trust and sincerity of what we say. It doesn’t matter if our voice is not so poetic, powerful or sophisticated. It is ours, and it is about communicating from it, taking control of our personality, expressing it without any hesitation. Along the way, we will rediscover great things about ourselves, and the person we are is exciting to the rest of the world.

We prepared this review with a digital review copy provided by Evolve PR.



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