Rainbow 6 Siege Review

Rainbow 6 Series is back with a game focused on multiplayer, tactical movements and destruction!

Many developers have been focusing on online gaming more than the single player mode since things have dramatically changed in the gaming world. However, Activision has been been doing a good job for single players in games such as Call of Duty. However, in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Siege, they have taken a different route. There is no campaign mode available, which seems to be a very risky move due to the future of the game generally relies on the number of users play it online.

First of all we want to clarify that Rainbow Six is definitely not a game like Call of Duty or Battlefront. You will find that this game is more realistic and the movements are much slower, including the mobility of the character. There is no jumping or running along a wall. Yes, you can climb a wall but you will need a rope and hooks for that. No jetpacks or other fancy equipment to enhance your mobility. You will be part of a special forces team facing a terrorist group, unfortunately a very touchy topic after all what is currently happening in our real world.

The game mode will vary your role as an attacker and a defender. As a defender you get to prepare to defend your area and attackers will have drones and advance equipment to use for spy tactics. This is a very amusing short time frame for both parties. You will be able to access the premises while the defender can build barbed wire or explosives closing up the pathways, which are multiple.


As the attacker you will have small drones that slip under doors, which can help you in saving time finding the best possible entry to discover the enemy’s position. You will find that this requires quite a bit of skill and a well thought plan. You can decide if you want to be smart or aggressive, since both ways can work with the same outcome. However, it feels having a smart plan is most of the time more beneficial in accomplishing the actual mission.


  • Great Visuals and wonderful use of Sounds
  • Destructible environment and interesting maps
  • When played with friends or people with mics very tense and rewarding


  • Lack of Campaign/Story mode
  • Some minor issues such as getting stuck in map while setting a barricade or connection issue, which probably get fixed with updates, but not a deal breaker


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