Excellent music game with a wide variety of styles from the creators of DJMAX.

The story behind the development of Superbeat: Xonic is simple: after the disbandment of the Korean study Pentavision, famous for the series of musical rhythm DJMAX , much of the equipment in Nurijoy met for a spiritual successor . Thus it was born Superbeat: Xonic, based recreational Beatcraft Cyclon.


We speak of a fairly simple and addictive game that involves pressing buttons, triggers and rotation of the levers, or optional touch control . A tutorial explains each type of note to be displayed, which are not too many: the core at different heights, permanent press, arrows must be removed with a movement up or down, which in addition to maintaining the pulse following – a movement scratches – and triggers.

These icons are moved from the center out, and get good accuracy must be pressed at the right time when they pass through the side indicators. It depends on personal preference and comfort of each, in general seems more direct touch control since the other way you have to go digital crosshead buttons and levers to constantly -in the complex more intense moments or songs that difference is perceptible-. PS Vita in the two styles are always active and can play the way you want;TV PlayStation obviously this is not possible.

There are three main ways in Stage Mode, besides the idle mode: 4TRAX, 6TRAX and FX 6TRAX increasing difficulty by introducing more or less variety of buttons. By choosing one of these options will select three songs that will be evaluated independently and together. The aim is to get the best scores and combos to gain experience, unlock content and excel in online score boards , but the number of errors exhausted our energy bar. In free mode you can practice with the songs unlocked in the desired pattern complexity.

The songs are mostly electronic and marchosas, ranging from house to orchestral pieces, Korean pop, techno, R & B, a bit of indie and even progressive metal. Impossible for all themes and styles are to our liking, but there is enough amount-about 50 pistas- and plurality with a minimum common denominator of intense rhythms.

We can not say that artists are excessively known in the West unless it is really a fan of this scene, but a lance for the selection must be broken . In other musical games, such Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd F , we criticize monotony of sound starting after long sessions. We know that the buyer of a Hatsune Miku expect to hear pop with synthetic, natural voice, however Superbeat: Xonic typecasting does not suffer from this because it has a good balance in tastes, there are more songs that female youth groups.

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