Zombie Army Trilogy (Switch) Review

The Rebellion released for 2015 its Spin-Off game “Zombie Army Trilogy”, whose ancestor is the military action genre “Sniper Elite”. Both were originally released on PS4 and Xbox One consoles, and finally, Nintendo Switch version launches on March 31, 2020, in both physical and digital formats.

Zombie Army series is a cooperative multiplayer shooter (online only), a new Horde mode and the classic individual campaign which is practically based on an alternative reality of the Second World War where Hitler initiates a blissful “Plan Z” when he is cornered by enemy troops. It is true that zombie games abound, but let’s agree that it was always nice to slaughter zombies regardless of the setting and especially when they are Nazis, much more fun!

Basically, our character must make his way in the different episodes set in a Germany destroyed by war … and by hordes and hordes of ‘undead’! We have a rifle, a machine gun and a pistol, as well as a small assortment of explosives. In each episode we will have to kill enemies and, every once in awhile, we will have a mission such as defending our position or collecting certain things until we finally reach the refuge where we can take a breather, reload ammunition and mark the long-awaited checkpoint. The main thing is to try to be good snipers and eliminate as many zombies as possible since there are times when there are too many and sooner or later we will have them on top. We have to admit that the melee combat is quite effective, but it makes us neglect the closest enemy.

The good thing is that defeating the ordinary zombies is quite easy and even gives us time to move away and gather them or separate them conveniently to attack with explosives or blows those who are separated from the group. The situation becomes more complex when special zombies appear as a runner who explodes when he gets near you or a giant with a machine gun that requires a strategy to defeat. There are more you should discover on your own!

The Switch allows JoyCon and ControlPro to add the added bonus of motion and vibration control to the game. The graphics, not being an improved version since its launch, have had no changes, although with that being said, it looks great on Switch. Some improvements are seen in the third episode.

The sound is still good from a technical point of view. As for the gameplay, it allows us to distinguish what kind of enemy is coming by helping us to be vigilant and plan movements. The music does not disturb and accompanies perfectly with the suspense and the adrenaline moments of the attacks. Something to highlight is the X-ray camera mode when making a perfect shot. This shows us in slow-mo animation of the bullet until it hits the enemy seeing inside. It adds a extra fun to the whole experience. Handheld mode is fun and convenient on the go but if you truly want to enjoy this title, you should play it in the TV mode.

The duration of the game depends on each run you make with your teammates but it can be finished in approximately 10 hours, which is a fair amount of gameplay time.
It has three levels of difficulty, third being extremely difficult since the character takes longer to recover, the wind is more influential in rifle shooting and they do not help us as much with ammunition.
Then it has the adjustment of a number of times that the enemy revives before dying permanently. If we play alone, we can configure one to four times. If we play cooperative, by default, it will be relative to the number of players in the game.

Final Thoughts

It is a game that surely for some will be repetitive in terms of development since the plot is scarce (except for some cinematics where we see Hitler in his bunker) and is practically based on shooting, but I think that the Zombies always give us that adrenaline and taking them down is always a fun experience that never gets old. Many others may find it long, especially if they are unfamiliar with the genre or prefer an interesting story to follow.
There is, unfortunately, no local co-op, not even for two players. Although it’s a fun game it could be better in several ways. but it would not be fair to compare it with “modern” games.
If you’re a fan of the genre, then it is worth every penny it in digital format from the Eshop for $35 USD.



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