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PlayStation VR 2 uses cable to squeeze the potential of PS5

Despite this, Sony is already investigating ways to use wireless technologies with a virtual reality headset in the future. One of the first things we will have at our fingertips once 2023 begins, for which there is little more than a day left, is PlayStation VR 2, the new virtual reality headset from Sony that will go on sale on February 22 for $599.99. It is a headset with very cutting-edge tech...[Read More]

PlayStation VR on PS5: The first details are filtered, as it could be wireless

Sony unveiled numerous details yesterday about the new generation, played by PlayStation 5, the console that will arrive in Christmas of 2020, and that will present new features in the form of improved DualShock or large-capacity disks to avoid lengthy installations. But what will happen with PlayStation VR? Will there be a new version of the headset? According to the patents that emerged today, r...[Read More]

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