Alienation Review

Housemarque does again what they do best: a must for fans that love the arcade type of games with outstanding cooperative action.

The tank class is the most resistant combat, although not as agile as the rest. Alienation is fun with any of the characters or even solo. Obviously, it is not advisable because as a group you are much stronger due to different skill sets. In our case, with a rather low before the official launch community, we played both ways depending on availability. Throughout the game you can connect to other game sessions and other can do the same if the session is kept open. You will have predefined messages that you can use for secure communication amongst each other.

201642511506_1We noticed that there is no local cooperative mode, although there are talks that this will be available after future updates. You choose a class not limited to one type of weapon. These are obtained from boxes and fallen enemies. You can choose several to take with you into battle. All weapons are trigger happy, but with noticeable differences in speed and power. The rifle is the standard; a continuous burst consumes a lot of ammunition. The revolver instead provides stronger shots, in exchange it will suffer in accuracy.

alienation-2016225194545_7Ammunition will be given to you during the game, but obviously, you should not waste it since we have had instances where we ran out. In your arsenal, you will also have grenades with detonator mines and missiles to take on larger groups of aliens. The difficulty level is well adjusted since it is not easy but not to a point where you will be hopeless. You can tackle three different levels of difficulty which creates the opportunity for any gamer, be it a novice or a veteran.

2016425114826_1We recommend you to consider and manage the recharge time since the timing is quite crucial when surrounded by a group of aliens. Taking advantage of the blow to the body can be a lifesaver while reloading.


  • Great coop shoot 'em up from Housemarque
  • For the asking price it provides fair amount of gameplay


  • No local Coop


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