Alienation Review

Housemarque does again what they do best: a must for fans that love the arcade type of games with outstanding cooperative action.

The best weapons have slots to place cores to up their statistics. Moreover, with the rising level also you will earn points to customize active and passive skills. All materials obtained serve to improve and increase the weapon’s level. This creates flexibility and adds another fun factor to the game.

Once you pass the campaign with a character, it allows you to start again with a noticeable stronger character to tackle the higher difficulty settings. Stronger enemies are added, as well as better treasures and tasks.

alienation-2016225194545_3The first mission takes place in Alaska, a snowy mountain under the weather, but the story brings us to post-apocalyptic cities, forest areas and even enemy ships. A crowd of climates, decoration, and destructible elements, aliens vibrant colors, and neon rays give a remote printing gore and shadows.

There are maps inspired by various cities around the world, each with its climate and appearance. Sound and graphics are well done with epic moments in sound and graphics due to the explosions and other graphical effects.

alienation-listing-thumb-01-ps4-us-10nov15Final Thoughts

Overall we enjoyed Housemarque’s game Alienation. It seems very pure, and the fun factor is quite high due to the intense moments that you will face in the game. The game kept the best of Dead Nation and added a few things on such as the way you can customize guns. If you liked Dead Nation, you would definitely like Alienation. Therefore, we do recommend to give this game a try since it will provide you with hours of fun gameplay.


  • Great coop shoot 'em up from Housemarque
  • For the asking price it provides fair amount of gameplay


  • No local Coop


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