Amnesia: The Bunker Review

Frictional Games, a powerhouse of creative innovation, has again rolled the red carpet into the mansion of terror. In their newest horror concoction, they promise a thrill ride that never slows, a constant sprint in the labyrinth of suspense that will leave you breathless. The game bears the hallmark of the saga’s renowned legacy, standing tall and fierce in a forest of generic jump-scares. However, what sets it apart is its willingness to branch out, sprouting fresh tendrils of novel gaming elements that we’ll delve into, making it a unique horror entity in the vast video game universe.

The Deep-Seated Impact of Frictional Games: Resuscitating the Horror Genre

Frictional Games, an icon in the horror game genre, has earned a reputation as a master puppeteer, weaving tales of dread that linger in players’ minds long after they’ve logged off. Their games have cast long, eerie shadows in horror gaming, enticing players with an irresistible blend of spine-chilling narratives and innovative gameplay. Frictional Games swooped in when it seemed like the genre was teetering on the precipice of obscurity, swallowed by the greedy corporate behemoths, proving that independent studios could still produce awe-inspiring, fear-inducing experiences. Their game, Amnesia: Rebirth, is a testament to their genius, a beacon illuminating a path for others to follow. They’ve returned with a new gem that skilfully treads the line between familiar frights and fresh thrills.

Exploring the Gameplay: Stepping Inside the Nightmare that is Amnesia: The Bunker

In Amnesia: The Bunker, you find yourself thrust into a dark, dread-filled setting far removed from the comforting familiarity of the everyday world. The first-person perspective intensifies the immersion, making every creak and shadow a personal menace. Here, Frictional Games boldly veers from the well-trodden path of the classic ‘defenceless protagonist.’ Instead, you’re handed a limited arsenal, your only defence against the monstrous horror that haunts the depths of a World War I bunker. This is not a playful game of cat and mouse; it’s a deadly duel where the faintest sound could mean life or death.

The Mechanics: Strategy and Terror in Unholy Matrimony

One of the standout facets of Amnesia: The Bunker is the exhilarating freedom it places in players’ hands. As you square off against your nightmarish opponent, you’re given the reins to determine your action. You could adopt the offensive stance, pulling out your firearm or tossing a grenade. Or, you could opt for a more cautious approach, saving your precious ammunition for the mind-bending puzzles ahead. In the face of an obstinate locked door, you could blast it open with your firepower, lure the monster into breaking it, or go on a hunt for an alternate entry. However, every decision comes with a risk. The omnipresence of the beast means that every sound and every movement could spell doom. This potent blend of strategy and constant dread is the game’s pièce de résistance, making every moment a high-stakes ordeal.

The Experience: Recipe for Unending Terror

Amnesia: The Bunker creates a fear-filled experience that keeps your pulse racing. The game’s design ensures that tension permeates every pixel. The confines of the bunker, with its labyrinthine corridors and lurking darkness, amplify the feelings of dread. Adding another layer of terror is the game’s brilliant sound design, which keeps you on edge, wondering what awaits you around the next corner. Even when you’ve discovered the map, navigating through the intricate bunker is a test of nerves. The game has no qualms about making players sweat, their hearts pounding with every creak and crack. Your journey to survival is no easy feat, and the game ensures your grip.

The Lighting Conundrum: All We Ask For is a Little More Light

However, as we ventured deeper into the game, we wished for a sliver more light in our virtual torchlight. The wind-up lantern and its constant need for recharging add to the game’s relentless intensity; it can also border on annoying, especially during moments of relative respite. Despite the game’s alternatives to address this issue, such as scavenging for gasoline to power up a generator, we felt that an added light touch would have struck a perfect balance between comfort and suspense.

Technically Speaking: Performance and Mod Compatibility 

On the technical side of things, Amnesia: The Bunker shines brilliantly. On our hardware setup, the game unfurled smoothly at a crisp 4K resolution, locked at a silky 60 frames per second. This lends the game an almost cinematic aura, drawing you in with its visual allure. Furthermore, including Steam Workshop compatibility opens up a playground of modifications, allowing players to weave their tales of terror, thus enhancing the game’s replay value.

The Terror Continues Unabated

In conclusion, Amnesia: The Bunker emerges as a terrifying titan in horror gaming. It carries the legacy of its predecessors with fresh, fear-inducing innovations. This nightmarish journey through a World War I bunker will surely get your adrenaline pumping. While we long for a splash of Frictional Games’ experimental side, akin to their groundbreaking SOMA, The Bunker remains a testament to the studio’s ability to craft masterpieces of horror. For those who’ve braved the dark corners of the Amnesia series before, The Bunker is sure to offer fresh, chilling thrills, underscoring Frictional Games’ esteemed position in the horror gaming industry.

We prepared this review with a digital code for the PS5 version of the game provided by Evolve PR



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